Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Short Post from Mr. Plant Lady

This is K- "Mr. Plant Lady"! She has asked me to share a couple of short, funny things about our engagement in Washington, DC.

Before I do so, I want to say just how much she has enjoyed getting to know each of you. A real highlight of her day is to post her blog entry and read your responses and to visit your blogspots as well. We both appreciate your prayers and I am thankful for the way you encourage her!

Now, two funny things that happened on our engagement trip to Washington, DC:

As she explained, this was a trip with a schoolmate and friend of mine, his wife and three children. Of course, when you pack 7 people in a single vehicle (even though it was a large SUV), there is very little room for luggage. I had one of the larger, hard side suitcases so my friend and I decided we would strap it and a couple of other pieces of luggage to the roof of the Ford Expedition. Seemed like a great idea at the time. But, after about 2 hours on the road, I realized I had packed the engagement ring inside my suitcase. I remember a feeling of panic come over me as I realized that if the suitcase blew off, my whole life savings would be gone - well, not really, but it was a major investment! I could not wait for our next "pit stop" to make sure the suitcase was still there. I was on the edge of my seat the remaining five hours of the trip - until I finally had the suitcase and its valuable contents back in my possession.

The second thing that happened may have been related to the first, but I am not sure. It may have been the stress of the whole situation! Once my friend, his son and I settled down in our hotel room for the evening, I could not get to sleep. I could feel and hear my heart beating in my temples. The longer I lay there the louder it seemed to get. At that point, I believe fear was the culprit. I decided to get dressed and go to the front desk and ask if there was a hospital nearby. Well, when I asked that, the young front desk clerk started to panic. He called 9-1-1 and very soon some of Northern Virginia's finest first-responders showed up. They hooked me to an EKG heart monitor that showed everything to be fine - just my overactive imagination. Needless to say when I told my friend and Plant Lady about the ordeal, they got a big laugh. To this day, she still has the printout of the EKG report in her scrapbook as reminder of my "nervous gitters."

So, enough from me! I am going to leave the storytelling to the "professionals." Thanks for allowing me to share a little.

God bless you all!
Mr. Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Mr and Mrs Plant Lady,
Thank you for sharing - Your Lives. I would have been very nervous too. I probably would have created some reason why I had to get in my luggage before that.
It's been so nice to get to know you through your stories and I am always eager to hear more. I have felt a closeness to Mrs. Plant Lady and its fun and nice to know I have a friend and Sister on the other side of the USA.
Have a wonderful evening
Be Blessed.
Lynn ( OR)

JnL4God said...

Hi Plant Lady,
Thanks for stopping by. I have resolved to the fact that we are on the go we are going to eat out. So the thing I'm working on now is exercise and portion. It's funny you said the steak and red potatoes that's what I had on Tuesday night. I just trimmed the fat and watched how much, I had. I'll be posting later today or tonight about Friday's Menu. It's not on the healthy plan, but one day isn't too bad. :)
Have a blessed day.


From the Heart said...

Mr. Plant Lady,
Thanks for sharing with us ladies about your trip and the proposal. I'm like Lynn I would have stopped immediately and retrieved my valuables.

Mrs. Plant Lady,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You may certainly print out the poem. I only wish I could have known my great grandmother. I also have a copy of a story she wrote regarding her upcoming marriage. It is titled "Disappointment in Suspected Future Happiness in Married Life". I would love to put it on my blog but it is 3 1/2 pages long. The wording and her feelings about some rumors started about her and the man she eventually married are so typical for that era, especially a lady like her. And I truly believe she was a very strong lady who totally relied upon God for her strength in times of trouble.

I feel I have gained a whole new set of friends during this Bible study and hope all of of us will continue to visit each other after it is over.
God bless you,

SweetPea said...

Hey yall plant people. Great to hear it from the man's perspective. Men and women are so different and it's just a pleasure to see it from both sides. I can totally relate to his nervousness about the ring. I do that with every trip/vacation I take...fearful I've forgotten something important like my contacts or something...never an engagement ring though. I can't imagine how disappointend he would've been had the ring not been there.

Haven't seen you on my blog lately. Stop by sometime. I always enjoy your comments about my postings.
In Him,

Anonymous said...

Mr Plant Lady,
that sounds so funny! Thanks for your post about the proposal. I think I would have made my friend pull over and I would have made an excuse to why I had to check in the luggage. Man, I bet that was nerve-racking. Anyway I love hearing ya'lls lovestory. Tell Plant Lady I said Hi!

Blessings ~ Christi

Mary said...

Great addition to the love story that Plant Lady has been sharing. Reading with much interest. . . Thanks for giving us a chapter from your perspective!