Monday, April 14, 2008

Gourd Birdhouse Give-away

Hello Everyone!

What a busy day! I've been planting gourd seeds for my crafting projects. Last year's crop consisted of about 150 gourds (loofah, apple, and birdhouse gourds). I'll have plenty to paint and sell at our local farmer's market. I've done this for about 2 years now and have quite a "following". I've had invitations to show them at some local craft shows in our area and even had one "auctioned" off at a fundraiser for our District Extension Club last year. The "Rooster in the Barnyard" gourd sold for $45 and I was very excited that someone would pay that for one of my creations! I have sold quite a few, (not that expensive) and am always thinking of a new design.

A friend of mine does basket weaving as a hobby and she has talked me into trying to incorporate some basketweaving techniques into my "gourd art". I have done some already by weaving reed around the entrance hole of a birdhouse gourd and also created a bird feeder from a martin gourd and did some basket weaving on it. She said she was impressed and that she had to have the first one, so I gave my first birdhouse to her! She is such an encouragement to me. I'm still learning and I guess with practice, I'll get better at it!

I have drilled entrance holes and cleaned 10 apple gourds that will make the cutest birdhouses. I will paint some and leave some natural. I put a polyurethane varnish on them to protect from the elements when hanging outside. When I can find my cd copy of my gourd photos, I will post them for you to see.

I thought about having a drawing to give away one of my apple gourd birdhouses. It is shaped like an apple and painted red with a green leaf on top near the stem. It has a clear coat polyurethane varnish to protect from the weather and includes drainage holes underneath. If you would be interested, post your name only (I want to respect your privacy). The winner will be announced on my blog, Plant Lady's Ponderings, on Sunday, May 18, 2008 and we will make arrangements for shipment.

Please post and tell all your friends!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Hello my Friend,
Sounds like you were busy. I would love to see the pictures of your gourds they sound so neat. What a talent that you have. I am not real good with plants or gardens, I like them but it doesn't come natural to me and it's not fair to the plants what they end up like with me. (whoops) But you can put me in the drawing for the bird house, It would be neat. What a great idea.

Have a nice evening.

Kim said...

Dear Plant Lady,
Thank you for the note of encouragement you left on my blog, Scraps of Life. I really appreciated it. We supposedly are getting an offer on our house soon. At least I was told they were writing one up today. We haven't heard anything, but are excited to see what the Lord will do! Thank you for your prayers.

I really enjoyed seeing your creations! I live in the country now and appreciate these things much more...hopefully I'll even have more time to enjoy the outdoors! thanks again, Kim

Beauteous Woman said...

Hi Plant Lady,

I thank you so much for your encouragement, it is very uplifting and put me in a positive outlook on my great aunt passing. I believe that she is at Home with Jesus! Thank you :)

I can't wait to see your pictures of the birdhouse! I love to draw and paint. I have done some drawings and paintings and I am looking forward to do more then share it on my blog.. I will post some of my old drawing and paints.

It's so cool to know there is another artist in blogging land!

Again, Thanks so much!

Valencia :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Plant Lady,
You are so talented! My father does stuff like this and I just love it when I go and see his and I am able to check out all his new stuff. Thanks for sharing and I would love to be in the drawing!

Blessings ~ Christi in TX

Mary said...

Plant Lady, What a multi-talented person you are!
I enjoyed looking at all the gourds that you posted on your blog. You are very creative!

And, yes, I would like my name added to the list for the drawing for the bird house. That's exciting!


tommie said...

Plant Lady,
I live in Kentucky and at our local farmers market there is a lady who also does this. They are so neat and I would love to be in your drawing. I also wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed your postings. They are so uplifting.
God Bless

Plant Lady said...

Hello All,
I'm glad you came by for a visit and registered for the drawing!

Each of you, (Lynn, Kim,Valencia, Christi, Mary, and Tommie) have been entered in the drawing. I did not realize April 18, the date the winner is to be announced, is Mother's Day! What a surprise!

As others sign up, their names will be entered as well.

What fun I am having! This is exciting!

Plant Lady

Lorrie said...

Hi, I've read your posts on Racheal's blog Women of the Bible, Bible study. I stoped by to see your creations, they are really cute. Sign me up I would love to win one!

ruizbe82 said...

Please sign me up for the contest.


SKY4KAT said...

I love the gourds. I really like the natural ones you painted with leaves. How very clever. I would love to be added to the drawing. Its snowing again!!! Yesterday it was in the 60'e but I was at work. Alas.
Keep digging, painting and sharing..
Love Katrina

Beverly said...

Hi Plant Lady ... I found you through Rachel's awesome bible study site. Isn't it amazing how much we all have learned? Anyway, you have a very nice blog. I'd never checked it out before and I'd love to win the gourd birdhouse. Thanks for the opportunity!

sharon said...

Plant Lady, woww you are so talented, Love the pictures of the gourds. You have been busy!! I Love & appreciate all your readings, you too are a great teacher as well as a artist. I ask the Lord to keep blessing you, that you may be a blessing to others. God Bless.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh yea I would love to be in the drawing.

Plant Lady said...

Lorrie, Beulah, Katrina, Beverly, and Sharon,

You all have been entered in the drawing for the birdhouse!

This is so much fun!

Plant Lady

Plant Lady said...

Your name has also been added to the drawing!

Plant Lady

Plant Lady said...

Your name has been entered in the drawing for the apple gourd birdhouse!

Plant Lady