Friday, April 4, 2008

Little Pig of Love

Hello Everyone!

Tragedy comes to us all! Today's story is the recollection of a tragic event in the lives of my mama and her sisters.

Growing up on a farm, they were exposed to the cycle of life - birth of pigs, calves, kittens, puppies, hatching of eggs, times when injury occurred, and the sorrow of death. This sorrow manifested itself in the death of a little pig.

Mama and her sisters found out about the "untimely passing" of one of their little pigs. Her baby sister, knowing that it was proper to give a "loved one" a "decent" burial, suggested they have a nice funeral for the pig. Plans were made and friends and relatives were alerted to the sad news.

An old shoe box was acquired for the "casket," flowers were gathered, and the final touches were put on the funeral service. As the crowd of mourners (Mama's sisters and a cousin or two) gathered, their sorrow was "very" evident. Everything from quiet tears, sobbing, crying, to the more flamboyant wailing, expressed their deep sorrow.

At the funeral, hymns were sung, the pig was eulogized, and the preaching was done, all by these young "mourners!" Now, it was the time for the burial! A grave was dug and the "casket" was lowered. This act unleashed all manner of sorrow, the sound of which could be heard in the nearby field where their daddy was plowing. He thought, "something terrible must have happened for a crowd to be gathered," and came running to investigate. As he got closer, he saw their sorrow! A little grave with flowers spread on top, with a sign that read, "A little pig of love, to look at flowers above."

Hope you enjoyed this adventure my mama told me of her childhood.

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
Another wonderful story from your Mama. Thank you for sharing.
Still in my heart and prayers.

Josie said...

Hello Plant Lady, I'm praying for you as well, healing for your virus and also I prayed as soon as I read your post on Rachel Olsen's blog. We have to remember everything we have comes from God, He owns it all and no matter our situation He has it all under control...Trust Him...with every area of your life, including your finances, it all belongs to Him anyway, it's only on loan to us and nobody has more money than God. Grab your Bible, crawl up in His lap and feel His strong, loving arms around you as you read., try Psalm 139 "You are fearfully and wonderfully made, fashioned by God, He knows your inward parts, (He put them together). God Bless You and your Husband in this difficult time, Josie
P.S. I Love Your Stories, they bring back sooooooooo many memories with my own dear Mother.