Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Have you ever been to a rodeo? Well, I must admit we don't get many rodeos in North Carolina and I had never been to one, but now was my chance! The fellow I told you about in my last post, "Blind Date," called and invited me to a rodeo they were having in our area. "Great, I would love to go," I said, as we made plans for the weekend.

By the time Saturday evening arrived, I had changed clothes about three times. What does one wear to a rodeo? Jeans and a t-shirt? That was what I finally decided. He arrived and came up on the front porch, he wasn't a "back door friend" yet. When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was the "pointy-toed" cowboy boots! Yes! That's right cowboy boots! Almost anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot stand "pointy-toed" cowboy boots! It is a pet peeve of mine. I don't know why I have such an aversion to them, but I do. Yet, there they were, standing right in front of me! In my post, "Blind Date," I mentioned a "laugh", my friend and I got from my previous blind date experience. Guess What! That fellow had "pointy-toed" cowboy boots also!
They seem to be my "lot" in life!

We got into his Explorer and were off! I did not realize, but he also had a big white cowboy hat in the back seat, which I found out about later! I was able to "convince" him, he did not need to wear it. As we were finding a seat in the arena, he heard someone calling his name. We looked around and sitting two rows up, was his entire family - mother, sister, brother and sister-in-law! I felt I was on "display" for the family, - not a good feeling for me! He was unaware they were also going to the rodeo, although I've always suspected they knew where he was taking me. Too great a coincidence, in my opinion!

The rodeo was great, and I enjoyed myself. I got to meet the whole family and got that out of the way. When he took me home later that night, he asked to see me again. I said, "Call me," and that ended our second date. I told him later in our courtship, that if he had come to my house on our first date wearing those "pointy-toed" cowboy boots, there wouldn't have been a second date! Would there have been!? What do you think? Post and let me know!

Our third date story is for another day! It is a most special story to me, because it was the time I realized that I would eventually marry this man.

F Y I -I am going out of town for the next couple of days and will be unable to post until I return on Friday. Please pray for traveling mercies for me and my husband as we travel on Wednesday and then again returning on Friday. I will try to check in if I can find computer access on our trip. I'm going to miss you all for the next two days. You have become great friends and have encouraged me so much. I love you all!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


SKY4KAT said...

Yep! I don't like them pointed boots either. Ugly to look at and they pinch your toes. Great story and yes I believe that you would have gone out with him again if he had worn them on the first date.
I was thinking about you today and the other women I have been blogging with. I was outside raking pine needles and cleaning up my flower beds. It is a beautiful day probably around 65 not a cloud in the sky and I was rejoicing.
The temptation is to believe that winter is over up here but we still have a lot more snow to fall before we can officially celebrate the end of winter.
It was beautiful, peaceful and a joy filled quiet time.
I thank God for you and each of the women I have gotten to know. What a unique and special way to encourage and share our God.
I will pray for safe travel for you. Enjoy yourself and I can't wait to hear the next ponder.
Katrina in Colorado

Ashley Marie said...

How cute reading your love story. Get's me so excited about meeting my furture husband, though I suspect I know who this man is. I'm simply waiting for God's call on our lives. To see how God will change our lives is amazing and scary! I will be praying God keeps you two love birds safe on your travels!!

From the Heart said...

When I read your comment on Rachel's blog about going out of town I came to let you know I would be praying for God to put a border patrol of angels around your car and give you and your husband a safe trip. I'm not sure where I got that from but when I know my daughter who lives in Va. is coming home I always pray that prayer. Have a great time and be safe. Also, I read your love stories. It's like reading a novel, I look forward to the next chapter. My daughter in Va. will be 45 in July and has never married. She dated a lot through high school and in college but she got hurt a lot and was always drawn to the same type of person but they were the type she did not want for a husband. A couple of years ago the Lord impressed me to start praying for her husband. Now how weird is that, but I have been doing exactly that. She wants to be married and have a family so much. She is planning to adopt two children in the near future, but they need a father and she will need a husband. Please pray that God's will be done in her life.
Be safe, AliceE.

Mary said...

Well, living "deep in the heart of Texas" where we have annual Rodeo's, I have seen the "pointy toes" all my life and to a Texan they are pretty cool! But it brought a smile to read about your strong dislike for them! Well, maybe a little more than dislike, right?

I am enjoying reading your love story so hurry back and bring us the next chapter!

Have a safe trip. . . Curtis and I are making plans to leave Thursday morning to spend a couple of days in Galveston,TX about a hundred miles from here. I love to watch the waves and hear the roar of the ocean. We have a motorhome but with the rising gas prices we take fewer trips and trips that are closer to home!


fivedesigns said...

Plant Lady

Thanks for you encouragement on my blog. I think it will be a little bit more than a couple of words right now. I am going thru a lot of difficult times and I wish it just wasn't great one moment and terrible the next..oh well that isn't why I am writing. I do want to be in on your drawing for the gourd. I had a garden in NJ and I miss it so much. I love your story it reminds me of Mike and I on our blind date. Have a wonderful weekend and I know God will be with you.

Plant Lady said...

Thanks to all of you for your visit!

Katrina, I'm glad you were able to enjoy some sunny weather and realize that Spring will be coming shortly. We have had a cool snap here for the last couple of days- overcast with some rain today. It has been in the upper 70's, so its a nice change as I love cool weather!

Ashley Marie, Don't give up on God's timing for your future husband. Don't rush it! I had come to a point that I thought I would never marry. The last of my single friends was married and I was in her wedding. At the wedding reception, I was the only one there who had no one, not even a boyfriend. I left early with some other friends who had young children they needed to pick up from the sitter. I was so depressed! I remember crying that night as I tried to sleep. I resolved that night to remain single if that was God's plan. I gave it to Him. About 5 months later, I met my future husband. I think God wanted me to depend on Him and trust Him to give me the desires of my heart although until that night I never realized that I was lonely.

AliceE, Thanks for the border patrol! I'll keep my eyes open for them! Keep on praying for your daughter's future husband.
In His time, she will meet Him.

Mary, I hope you and Curtis have a nice trip to Galveston. Before my husband and I met, he was almost engaged to a girl from Oklahoma, so I guess he wore those boots for her! He bought an engagement ring, but never gave it to her. He's really not the cowboy type- more of a suit and tie kinda guy! Every picture I've seen of him, even in elementary school, he's wearing a tie! His brother is more the cowboy-type and is a rancher with cattle! Complete opposites.

Donna, I will be praying for you on the "rollercoaster" ride. I've been there too. I will add your name to the "hat" for the apple gourd birdhouse.

Take care all!
Plant Lady

JnL4God said...

Well I grew up in cowboy country so I have to say I like and am used to the pointy cowboy boots, and I love a good rodeo. I never owned a horse but my Cousin was a champion Barrel racer, and some other cousins were Bull and Bronc riders. But I guess it has to do with what you are familar with. Until I move to the city I thought that was how everyone was. :)

I will miss you my friend, have safe travels I am praying for you and am eager to hear more stories.


Plant Lady said...

My next door neighbor had ponies and I would go over occasionally when her grandchildren were there and she would let us ride them. I was horrified one day when I saw the youngest grandchild riding the large collie dog she had. I know that poor dog was the best sport! He didn't seem to mind.

You're right! It all has to do with what you grew up with. Boots were not a common thing in coastal North Carolina, just like flip flops probably would not fit in Texas!

Plant Lady

SweetPea said...

I may have missed you by now. I thought I checked your blog yesterday but maybe not.

Yes, I do believe you would've gone out with him on a second date had he worn the boots on the first. The boots may have been more of a negative strike/emphasis on the first date but your curiosity of his personality would have intrigued you. Plus God is in control! He would've nudged you.

Not a big fan of cowboy boots but when the man you love is wearing them, oh how your persception changes.

Safe travels, my friend.

Anonymous said...

YES, I think you woukd have gone out on a 2nd date. God is in control right? and like Sweetpea said , it all depends on who's wearing them. I love hearing these stories. Can't wait for the next one!

I will be praying for safe travels for you and your hubbie!

Blessings ~ Christi

MrsProverbs31 said...

Let me guess, was that your husband? Yes, I guess I can wait to hear it at the end. You have a great trip! God bless your time together.

Mary said...

Well, actually, flip flops WOULD fit in Texas... like the song:

"You can live in the plains or the mountains
Or down where the sea breezes blow,
But you'll still live in beautiful Texas, the most beautiful state that I know!

Yes, I am a native born Texan but I think every state in the good ole USA has a colorful history and we all owe much to our forefathers!

And I will even make it a little broader. God made our beautiful world and we owe everything to Him!


From the Heart said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm glad you made the trip safely and had a good time. Did you see the Angels? They were there I'm sure.

Plant Lady said...

Yes, the angels were all around us. We had a great time with no problems. God is so good! He is faithful!

I even mentioned to my husband that we had the "Border Patrol" with us, then explained what that was. Thank You for praying!

I hope to post later tonight 4/26.

Plant Lady

JnL4God said...

Welcome home my friend. Eager to see you next post.