Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ice Cream

Hello Everyone!

Growing up in the 1920's in rural North Carolina, my mama and her sisters found the grandest excitement in the simplest things. One of those excitements was being able to go with their daddy to town "in the mule and buggy." The town was very small, but for these three little girls, it was the big city!

On one of those rare trips, their daddy decided he had enough money left from buying the "necessities" to treat his girls to ice cream. The ice cream back then came in little round cardboard cups and included a flat wooded spoon. After the cardboard lid was taken off, the girls delighted in the cold, sweet taste of ice cream - a frozen treat that was rare in those days!

It was a joy to hear Mama recall and relive the experience of one of those trips to town "in the mule and buggy." But, better still, to hear her tell of her efforts to savor the frozen treat as long as she could by keeping the cardboard cup as a "souvenir" and savoring the lingering sweet fragrance after a few days had passed!

Such simple joys of life!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Hi My Friend,
Another nice story from your Mama. Makes me think of my childhood growing up in a rural farm town of 500. We lived 5 miles from the nearest town and 45 miles from what we called the big city. It was not that big, only to us.
Thanks for the memories.

How are things going? I know they will turn out great but the faith waiting time is hard. I'm here for you and I have been and am praying for you.

God Bless my friend
Love, Lynn

Plant Lady said...

I'm feeling better today. I'm feeling more encouraged as I am better able to focus on God rather than my circumstances.

Please keep me in your prayers. It has really been a struggle for me to keep the posts up to date since I've been sick. I can't seem to get them done early like I usually do.

Take care!
Plant Lady

Mary said...

Glad you are feeling a little better and able to post your story. I smiled to myself because I have eaten many vanilla icecream treats in the little round cardboard container and wooden spoon. When we bought them the lids had a picture of a movie star and after you collected so many you could get an 8x10 of the star. I remember the excitement I had when I licked the icecream from the lid to see who's picture was on it. I was born in 1931 so you see I was in that generation.

And you are right. . little joys are all around if we just take notice!