Monday, April 7, 2008

She is Faithful!

Hello Everyone!

She has been attending our church for three years. She is the first to show up on Sunday mornings, waiting to greet, as the "early arrivals" come up the church driveway. She is there, evening services also, each time there is an activity at church. How does she do it?

She always welcomes with hugs and kisses! Everyone is drawn to her cheerfulness. Her dedication is evident and recognized by those who know her. Children love her, she takes up time with them. They are never overlooked. What is her secret? How can she be so cheerful?

I need to be like her! She is always ready to show friendliness, always ready and eager to be a friend. Yesterday, two people remarked to me about her faithfulness to attend church, noting that we needed others as dedicated! Why is she so dedicated?

I do not know exactly what motivates her. I can only guess it is the "purpose" that God put into her when He created her. I can learn from her! She is fulfilling her purpose by being a friend to all she meets, by cheering those who may be down, by taking time with those who, sometimes, are overlooked.

Dear Jesus, Help me be like her! She is always ready to cheer someone, always ready to give a hug or kiss, always ready to be a friend, always faithful, always ready to spend time with others. Thank you for letting me see her example. Thank you for giving her to Daddy as a companion after Mama's passing. She is a good dog and so many people have been uplifted and encouraged by knowing her. I thank you for the way she loves, unconditionally. That is the way I should love too. Thank you for bringing us together that day at the pound. She is such a joy!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady

Note: She lives just up the road from the church. We have not figured out how she is able to tell the time of the services, but she is always there to meet and greet. We have taken her home after Sunday morning services only to find her back when we return that evening for the Evening service. Amazing!

She is in one of the photographs on this blog, standing in the edge of the corn patch near the tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

God Bless all of His creatures, Great and Small!
~ Christi

Mary said...

Great post! I wasn't expecting the "she" to be a dog but I've always heard that "a dog is a man's best friend" They are faithful to the end!


Mary said...

ooppps! I signed the comment above Shirley. . Wasn't thinking. . Just did what comes naturally! But I'm still Mary, too :)

Have a great day! The weather is beautiful here in Pasadena

riverview said...

Dogs are amazing and have such a great sense of need as well as timing and dedication.

This reminds me of a story that was in a very old poem book that my mother had when she was a young girl(she was born in 1907.)I wish that I could find a copy of that book today.

The poem was about a man and his dog, and how inseparable they were. The poem goes on and on, however, the man dies and the dog goes to his master's grave and lies on top of it. It tells of the groundskeeper going day after day to find the dog just lying there faithfully. One day the groundskeeper arrived and the dog had expired right there in his dedicated position with his master.

I believe that God created dogs just to be our companions, faithful to the end. A constant reminder of Jesus' faithfulness to us and how we should be in return.

You're doing such a good job with your blog, Plantlady. Thank you for the smiles that you bring to me.

God bless you.

Karyl <*////><