Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Prayer - Let Me Show Love

Hello Everyone!

Today, in my quite time with God, I put on Steve Amerson's CD "Sacred Spaces." As I was listening, one of the songs, "Let Me Show Love," spoke to my heart. I want to share the words of that song, written by Paul Johnson.

If I speak with the words of an angel
But have not love, but have not love
I'd be nothing. I'd be nothing.
Without love, I am nothing at all
And if I give away
all my posessions
But have not love, but have not love
I'd be nothing, I'd be nothing.
Without love, I am nothing at all
Let me show love
When callous words are spoken
And angry voices pierce
right through the heart
Let me show love
Let me bring hope
Where people are despairing
And frantic prayers
ascend to heaven above
Let me show love
Let my life be measured
by compassion
Judging myself, before I cast blame
Let my heart be enlarged by mercy
Knowing that mercy
bears God's holy name
Let me feel love
Toward unfamiliar faces
And all the world's races
torn by tragedy and war
Who long for so much more
Let me show love
Let my faith reveal what grace is
And show that God embraces the
least of all
No one's too small
Let me bring hope
Let me give voice to the voiceless
And music to the ones
who have no song
Who suffer and don't belong
But most of all
Let me show love
Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Josie said...

Hello Plant Lady, as always I enjoy your postings, as well as your pictures. You shared about basket weaving in one post, my daughter and I taught basket weaving for 4yrs. before my husband became ill. We had quite a few students in the art...it was fun...I have many, many baskets displayed in my home, people are always complimenting me on them, it truly is an enjoyable and wonderful work of art. I met many "basket ladies" over the years and learned alot from each one. I enjoy your work with gourds as well, please include my name in your drawing.

God Bless,

Ashley Marie said...

Plant lady,

What a marvelous encouragement. What love the Lord gives!!

Be blessed.

Ashley Marie

JnL4God said...

Hi my friend,
I'm off to my other Bible study but I'll check in later. I made a huge post on Rachels site (yikes)
Anyway great post as always, nice song.
Be Blessed