Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Billy, Barbara, and Sally

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is a "fairy tale" Mama told me as a child, and she even let me throw in some of the more "creative" details. This was my favorite bedtime story!

Once upon a time there were three little goats named, Billy, Barbara, and Sally. They lived with their mother in a little cottage in the field. Their home was beautiful! They had red and white checked curtains on the windows, white enamel pots and pans with red trim, on the stove. (My details)

One day Mama Goat had to go visit a sick neighbor. She told Billy, Barbara, and Sally she would return in just a short time, and warned them to be cautious if anyone came to the door. So they agreed they would be careful.

A short while after she had left, their playing was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. (My mama would knock on the headboard to illustrate)
They ran to the door and lifted the curtain from over the "peephole" and saw that it was the big bad wolf! "Go away Big Bad Wolf", they said, "You can't come in!" The wolf turned around and left. Billy, Barbara, and Sally went on with their playing until they heard another knock at the door. They ran to the door and lifted the curtain from over the "peephole " and saw their friend, Mr. Sheep.

Now, Mr Sheep had visited them before when their mama was home, so they decided it would be alright to let him in. Just as soon as they did, they realized their mistake! It wasn't Mr. Sheep at all! It was the Big Bad Wolf dressed like a sheep! He had gone to his flour sack and dusted himself in flour, from head to toe, so he would appear white, like a sheep.

The wolf chased the children all over the house, catching and eating Barbara and Sally! Little Billy escaped by hiding in the grandfather clock! He was so afraid the wolf would hear his little heart pounding as he hid in he clock. After what seemed like an eternity, the wolf left, giving up on his chase.

Mama Goat came home about an hour later to find her precious children gone, and her home in disarray! Billy heard her cries from up in the grandfather clock and flung the door open and said, "Here, Mama! Here, Mama! I'm up here in the grandfather clock! Mrs. Goat was thrilled as little Billy jumped into her arms. He told her the whole story about how the wolf had come and they turned him away, and how he had returned as Mr. Sheep. Mama knew what she had to do!

She figured the wolf would probably have a nap after his big meal, so she went down to the stream where she thought he would be. Sure enough, he was laying by the stream, asleep.
Now, she happened to have her sewing kit with her in her purse (my detail), and she took her scissors and cut the wolf's stomach open and got Barbara and Sally out, unharmed, because the wolf was so greedy, he did not even take time to chew them up! She found two rocks by the stream that were about the size of Barbara and Sally and placed them inside the wolf's stomach where they had been, then she took her needle and thread and sewed the wolf back together.

Later, the wolf woke up from his nap very thirsty. He bent down to the stream to get a drink and those rocks inside him rushed forward and caused him to loose his balance and he toppled into the stream and drowned!

Mrs. Goat, Billy, Barbara, and Sally lived happily ever after!

I hope you enjoyed this story my mama told me! I would have her tell it each night before bed. I never got tired of it! Precious memories!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
Such sweet stories, I am enjoying them so much. Thank you.

I'm glad you are feeling better, It was nice to hear from you. I have to admit to look forward to your stories and comments. This Bible study has done so much for so many of us, learning Gods word, learning about others, knowing you're not alone and that others struggle where you do. And new friendships, even across the states.
I am going to a marriage retreat this weekend but will have my computer so I'll stay in touch.
Be Blessed my Friend,
Love, Lynn

riverview said...

What a creative storyline! I was just so upset to think that the mother goat wasn't devastated about the death of her two babies, when suddenly she retrieves them from the wolf's stomach. Then, to replace them with rocks, what a hoot! I just love that story. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.