Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things Accomplished Home Alone

Hello Everyone!

Mr. Plant Lady returned safe and sound and we had a wonderful service at church on Sunday. After Sunday dinner, a friend accompanied me to the beading workshop at the beading studio I mentioned in my last post. She is the same friend that came over on Friday night while I was home alone. I had promised her I would show her how to make the gourds that I have shown in previous posts.
A big pot of vegetable soup, crackers and pepper jack cheese made our work more enjoyable. After supper, we started to work on the gourds. I had already scrubbed the gourds, so all she had to do was to draw the pattern on her gourd, cut, and weave it. The finishing touches were made as she added the beads. She did a very good job for her FIRST time gourdcrafting!

The beading workshop was a thrill and I am scheduled to return for the next few Sunday afternoons for beading several other projects where new techniques are taught. I'm so excited!My friend was amazed at her "hidden" talent!

Today's photos are of our "Home Alone" project and the beading workshop project. What do you think?

This is my friend's first gourd creation. She did everything by herself with a little instruction from me. Isn't it beautiful? She has talent that she didn't know she possessed! She did a great job!

This is my very first beading project-a necklace made at the beading workshop Sunday afternoon. I think it's pretty! What's your opinion? We just might have to have another giveaway! Jewelry by Plant Lady! Help me think of a name for my jewelry creations! Post a name for consideration and the one that is chosen will receive the first creation made under the new name! How's that for a giveaway? Entries can be made until January 30. The WINNER will be announced here on "Plant Lady's Ponderings" on January 31! Spread the word!

Be Encouraged!

Plant Lady


Becky said...

Plantastic Creations or Plantation Creations emphasis on the plant. ;-) The gourd is great and the necklace is beautiful. I don't wear much jewelry so if you like those names you may have them.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning PlantLady ~ So glad your DH made it home safely.

Your friend's first beaded gourd is GREAT.

Your first beaded necklace is pretty and you did a wonderful job also.

How about 'Gourd-geous Creations' a name that just popped into my head.

I would love to be in your drawing when you have it so I'll keep watch.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

JnL4God said...

Hi my Friend,
You and your friend did wonderful.
How about "Bead-Weaver" as your new name. You weave beads in your gourds and then you may weave beads in your jewelry. :)

Mar said...

How about "HomeStrung Beads and Baubles" ?

And I LOVE those gourds. One of these days I expect to see a beautiful display of gourd manger scenes.........