Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby, It's Snowing Out There!

Hello Everyone!

As a follow-up to "Baby, It's Cold Out There," today's post is "Baby, It's Snowing Out There"!
Winter weather alerts have gone out for our area today with the high at 36 degrees F (currently 30F) and wind chill at 27 degrees F. We are having snow showers today with some accumulation. You, who are in the deep freeze are probably saying, "that's a heat wave", but for us here in the coastal plains of North Carolina, that's a major problem. We are not accustomed to driving on icy and snowy roads and I hesitiate to think about everyone's mad rush to the grocery store for a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter! By the way, someone told me that there was a scare about contaminated peanut butter. Has anyone heard of this? I've made a pot of vegetable beef soup instead.

Mr. Plant Lady will be flying to Dallas, TX on Thursday and will return Saturday. Please keep him in your prayers for traveling mercies. I will keep the home fires burning while he is away. Tonight, I have to make a presentation to a local garden club on gourds growth, harvest and usefulness. Please pray for me as I undertake this project. I'm not that good at public speaking. I'm sure to be extremely nervous if there's a crowd.

Today's photos are of the snow on piglet and accumulation in my backyard. Hope you enjoy it! Could I possible make a snowman?!

Be Encourged!
Plant Lady


Mar said...

I'm seriously doubting that even YOU can muster up a snowman with such a light snow. But then where there is a will..........

Do pray that Mr. PL will have a safe trip and that your speaking engagement will go well.

Yes, we heard about the peanut butter scare. Seems like they said it was the nabs and cookies packlets, right? So we are avoiding the snack machines. My husband absolutely LOVES nabs of all varieties and we buy them from Sams. Just as soon not run into any ecoli with a new baby next door. Hey,,,,did you say homemade veggie soup? Im on my way over....

Becky said...

Looks like Piglet needs a little more than a scarf now. LOL, your snowman would have to be kindof smal.

I heard that jarred peanut butter is safe.

From the Heart said...

Yes, we had a few snow flurries here (about 4 hrs. from you). There was about a half to 1 inch. Not anything like I use to see when I was growing up. I lived about 30 to 45 minutes north of where I am now and we always got more snow and ice than this place did. I worked here and sometimes I just could not get to work. Of course my boss didn't understand, now I know why.

Yes, I heard about the peanut butter scare. Don't usually buy those, just make them outselves. It did not include the jars of peanut butter if I understood correctly.

Pray that Mr. PL has a safe and encouraging trip and that your speech went well.

christi28 said...

at a winter wonderland. no snow here in tx. sometimes we get some and stays for a day and we are so excited and then we wake up the next morning and it's gone. kinda a bummer. so i love seeing snow pictures.

praying for your hubby! we are about 3 hrs away from dallas so he will kinda be in my neck of the woods.

blessings ~