Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busy, Busy

Hello Everyone!

This year has started off with a lot of travel for me and Mr. Plant Lady. This post comes to you from Baltimore, MD where he is attending a conference. I have some free time here in the hotel room so I will put it to good use. It's cold here-temperatures around 38 degrees F and a cold breeze! Brrrr! I understand it will be turning even colder this weekend. We will be leaving here tomorrow afternoon and will be returning back to North Carolina for yet another meeting in Raleigh.

January has been and will be busy. Later this month the Mr. will be going to Dallas, TX for yet another meeting. I have to stay home to make a presentation to a local garden club on January 20. They've seen my gourds at the Farmer's Market and want to find out how gourds are grown and how they are made into useful and decorative objects. I have a lot of work to prepare some informational handouts for them.

Many hours have been spent lately making some more gourd bowls and vessels as well as birdhouses. The craft shows at Christmas have depleted my stock of gourd birdhouses and vessels on hand. I have had two referrals from some vessels that I sold at Christmas. I have already met one lady and she has purchased a couple and told me she definitely would be recommending my work to others. It's always good to have word of mouth advertising. It's the best kind!

Last night, we went to a restaurant here called, Moe's Seafood and Pasta. We found this restaurant a few years ago when we were visiting and loved the food. We returned for the crab cakes and even had some Alaskan king crab legs and steamed shrimp in the shell. Deelicious!!!!
The portions were large so we got a trio plate and shared!

Tonight, there will be a reception at the Baltimore Aquarium at the Inner Harbor. I think they are serving heavy hors d'oeuvres so I don't think we will be having dinner. I've been trying to watch my food intake this new year and I am finding it difficult when traveling because I want to try the local flavors of the area I'm in. I guess dieting is better done at home, isn't it?

We've got another trip planned for early February to DC. It's back up this way once again! Travel is fun, but I'm always glad to get back home. That old saying is very true-"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!"

Home life will consist of a lot of preparation for the upcoming Spring sales at the Farmer's Market. Seed have to be sown next month for the early herb plants. Our market usually opens in May, but we are hoping to have an opening for a special market day around Easter. We anticipate a crowd looking for fresh vegetables and herbs early in the Spring and a special day at the market would meet that demand. Crafts and other items would be available as well as the usual fresh fruits and veggies. Lots and lots of work, but well worth it!!

Well, I guess I'd better go now. Take care and God Bless!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Becky said...

Well hello there stranger. You are a busy girl. I can't wait to see some of your new bird houses. Go ahead and taste those foods while traveling... everything in moderation. ;-) God Bless!

From the Heart said...

It's good to hear from you again. You have been missed. I like your new look. You need to come see mine.

You are so blessed to be able to travel with your husband and enjoy all the surroundings and the foods.

Be safe and God bless you,

christi28 said...

was so good to hear from you and to know all things are well. sound like ya'll have been busy. can't wait to see hear about all the new thigs you will be making!

blessings ~

fransmomma said...

i saw on christis blog that you are going to do the 365 project. heres the link to saras blog. shes "heading up" the adventure, so to speak. http://thebowyers.blogspot.com/2008/12/project-365-ready-to-go.html

as far as the pictures, they can be anything you want. have fun!!

christi28 said...

it was so good to hear from you! i would love if you would join in on the project 365! you can take random pictures and either post them day by day or you can wait till sunday and post 1 wks worth of pictures. you can also write a discription of the picture. sounds like fun, huh? i am going to try to start today. can't wait to see your pic's!

blessing to you today sweet friend!

Mar said...

PLANT LADY!! So glad to hear from you again. Your new theme song should be: "On the Road Again" !

It is good to be able to travel with our hubs, isnt it? And I know what you mean about trying the different foods in different areas - always interesting. You will work it off working in the garden, etc.

Look forward to hearing and seeing more of your crafts, etc. No grass grows under YOUR feet. Hope you will return to this area sometime. You know my teapot is always ready.....

debrah said...

Hey Plant Lady- How wonderful that you and your husband get to travel together. I feel your pain about the cold...we are expecting snow tonight but thanks to edie and alice...I have some wonderful recipes for Hot Cocoa and Mocha to sip and keep warm. Go ahead and enjoy all that local flavor...the way you are running from one place to another I am sure the calories will not be able to stick to you...
In His Love,