Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Plant Lady- Starring in "The Birds"

Hello Everyone!

Alfred Hitchcock may have another movie coming up! It seems I'm walking through the Twilight Zone-or maybe, the Outer Limits! Twice this week, I have had the fortune (or misfortune) of seeing starlings by the thousands, if not millions, sweeping over my house in a seemingly never-ending swarm. Yesterday, a group of large buzzards (I counted six) sitting along the roof line of a house about one mile away seemed an eerie sight as I drove by on my way from town. I remember thinking that the sight would be a great element for a suspense movie.
I believe I'm playing Tippi Hedron's role in Hitchcock's "The Birds". Strange things often happen to me and no doubt this qualifies as "strange". When Mr. Plant Lady alerted me to the sight yesterday, I ran for my digital camera. I knew this would make a very unusual post and I thought all of you might find it eerily interesting. Mr. Plant Lady thinks the swarm of starlings are on their way south for the winter. I have no idea what the buzzards are up to. Maybe they are looking for me so they can have the starring role in the next Hitchcock film-" Some Flew Over My Cuckoo Nest"!

Weird-very weird, even for me!
Plant Lady

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christi28 said...

that is crazy and a little creepy!

blessings ~