Friday, January 16, 2009

365 Minus 15 Project - Toothpicks!

Hello Everyone!
Today is the day that I will begin the 365 Project that I mentioned in an earlier post. Christi alerted me to this and if you want to participate, click on the 365 Project button to learn all the details. I have just "fed" my digital camera with some Duracell batteries which should be much better than the usual "dollar" batteries I buy for everything else around here.

The photograph for the day is toothpicks. Not just a few, but 3200 toothpicks that Mr. Plant Lady came home with yesterday! Can anyone tell me why a husband would buy 3200 toothpicks at a time? It seems to me that one small box would be sufficient, doesn't it? When questioned, he said he got them "at a deal". Now, I must be a little slow to speak because I have found many "deals" in my life, like the "felted rocks"- (paperweights) that I came home with last summer . Does anyone have any ideas on how I could use 3200 toothpicks? The obvious way, of course, but I will still have toothpicks until the year 2025, perhaps! Maybe I'll build a log cabin in the mountains. We've always wanted a vacation home in the mountains! Can someone help???!!!
Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Becky said...

LOL, that is a lot of tooth picks! Have a giveaway. I will vie for a box. We use them in crafts all the time.

From the Heart said...

The picture is so funny. A great one to start with.

Please come to my blog, I have an award for you.

debrah said...

oops looks like I duplicated alice again (I also gave you and lynn this award) and lynn must be really doubly special..have a great week end

christi28 said...

i love this!! that is so funny! my husband is the same way, always looking for a deal, even if we dont need the product in the deal!

blessings ~