Monday, August 4, 2008

T'z Beez Soaps Give-Away

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for another give-away from "Plant Lady's Ponderings?" Some of you did not get in on the one I did back in April. Katrina (SKY4KAT) was the winner of the apple gourd birdhouse! To see a photo of it, go to the May 18 post entitled, "And the Winner Is..."

This time, I have a collection of homemade soaps made by a friend at the Farmer's Market. She is a beekeeper and uses her honey and beeswax in the soaps. I have tried them and I just LOVE them! They are non-drying and rinse easily. She has a thriving business at the market and all her products are very popular. She also makes lip balm and bath salts and is developing a line of all-natural baby soaps.

I shared some clippings of my lemon thyme with her and asked if she ever made soaps using herbs. She never had, but said she had recipes for them. She is taking the lemon thyme and adding a citrus-based scented oil and will produce a citrus soap in the near future. I can't wait!!

This collection of T's Beez Soaps will contain a bar each of : Cucumber and Melon, Watermelon, Vanilla Milk and Honey, Sunflower, Unscented Goat's Milk, and Honey and Oat soaps. Included with the soaps, there will be a loofah gourd scrubber grown by this Plant Lady. It will make someone a very nice addition to their bath time. Just light some candles, put on your favorite CD, lather up and RELAX!

This drawing is open to anyone who lives in the United States. All I need is for you to post your name and e-mail address. When the winner is announced, it will be posted here on "Plant Lady's Ponderings" and an e-mail will be sent to the winner to arrange for shipment.

Please, as you visit other blogger friends, let them know about this give-away! The more entries, the merrier, I say! So, let's start signing up!(one entry per person) You have until Friday, August 8, 2008 to enter. The drawing will take place on Saturday, Aug. 9 and the winner will be announced here on "Plant Lady's Ponderings."

Will the LUCKY WINNER be YOU? As Ed McMahon says, "You can't win if you don't enter!" Enter TODAY!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


cpullum said...

I love soaps I have soaps everywhere in my house. Please enter me!

debrah said...

Hi plant lady
Count me in!
What a great give away.
Have a blessed week.
In His Love,

JnL4God said...

Yes you can count me in and I'll spread the news tomorrow. I have thought about doing a give away and I love to give just don't know what.
Talk to you later,

Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

I'd like to be in the contest!!!

christi28 said...

sign me up!!! i love soaps! the herb ones sound heavenly. you will have to let us know how they turn out!
bllessings ~

Mary said...

How many times can I sign up?
I have three email addresses :)

OK! I'll just put one email address! I would love to have the homemade soap collection. And how nice of you to do this!


Dancin' Wallflower said...

Hello Ms. Plant Lady,
Hope this day finds you blessed and honored. Count me in on the soap basket!
In Christ Alone,

rusty'swife said...

Thank you plant lady for the give away. I would love me some hand made soap.


ising4him said...

Oooohhhhh, I want in on this one! (LOL) Sounds really nice.

God bless!

debrah said...

Plant Lady:
I'm praying for I prayed for you I was reminded of a post on Rachel's blog about her not being able to purchase the book she wanted...I pray that the Lord will give you peace and His Purpose will be fulfilled. Looking forward to studying with you. Have a great evening.
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comments on my latest post. Several people had asked me to do this. I told them when I felt God wanted me to I would. I had that feeling yesterday and as it turned out I received a great blessing from Debrah who mentioned Ps 31. I thought she meant Psalms 31 and when I read it the tears started flowing. I know I've read that chapter before but never realized until today that God really was taking care of me all these years.
I can't explain it. It was like a light bulb came on and the Word just bubbled up inside me. I love Him so much and give my Lord all the praise for bringing me through all these years. There are a lot of other things that have happened that I know God had a hand in. He is so wonderful, how could anybody not serve Him. And on top of that I have all of you as sisters in Christ. Wow! Debrah really meant Proverbs 31 which is an honor also but I truly feel God wanted me to read Psalms 31.
Have a blessed day,

Mar Lambeth said...

Hi Plant Lady,

Sounds lovely. Please enter me also at


You are now TAGGED also!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Plant Lady !!!
I love soaps as well please enter me in your giveaway "pweeze" *smile*.
I read on someones blog that you were reading A woman After God's Heart, by Elizabeth George that is my totally favorite book I go back and read it all the time. I got to see Elizabeth when she came to Hawaii to speak and I have been collecting her books ever since. She signed my book and she is such a humble woman of God. I'm glad I got a chance to say hello to you, I'll be back..

Hugz Lorie

nothingcanseparateme said...

Hi Plant Lady,
Thank you for visiting my blog.

I really enjoyed your last post--Rocks-Anchor-Roots. I am from PA so the pictures of the tree growing in the rock peaked my interest. That is amazing!! Only God could plan such a thing!

I would love to be in your soap drawing.

Kim from PA

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've never visited before, but I'm glad I did today. Just in time for the wonderful drawing. I've been to the Farmer's Market in Raleigh. I wonder if this is the market you're talking about.

Thanks for visiting me today. Come back anytime. And I'm just dying to ask...

So what are you planting today? (Now that, my friend, is a heavy question loaded with all kinds of "issues.")


JnL4God said...

Sounds good I'll see if anyone else responds and I will probably post tomorrow. I'm glad you joined in too. I told my husband the other night the your honey reminded me of him, because you said that you left right after church to go get the book. That would be what mine would do - he would say let's just go get it then you have it. :)

Talk to you soon.

debrah said...

Hi Plant Lady
Thank you for letting me know about the study...I will read it tomorrow and then I should be good to go...

Becky said...

Hello Plant lady ( reminds me of church lady from snl) What a lovely blog you have here. I have bookmarked it and I will be back. I love cucumber melon and I bet the rest of those soaps are just as delicious.

God Chaser said...

I missed the entry by an hour. but just wanted you to know I stop by to see what you were up to.