Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Box Full of Memories

Hello Everyone!

As many of you know, I lost my last remaining uncle on my mom's side of the family this past week. He had Alzheimers and had been in the nursing home several years. He was buried next to my aunt (Mama's baby sister) in our church cemetery. A few months before my aunt died, she, her new daughter-in-law and I were riding around the community, visiting friends and neighbors and getting her daughter-in-law acquainted with everyone. As we passed the cemetery, she told her daughter-in-law that she'd soon be coming back home. (She was born and raised next door to the church and cemetery) I really believe that she had a premonition that her days were short. A few months later, I recieved a call from the daughter-in-law that she had been rushed to the hospital and had passed away while there. Fast forward several years. Two graves now occupy that space in the cemetery. They were finally back together, but in a "new home", a heavenly home!

After the funeral of my uncle last Friday, I went next door to my Daddy's house. There on the dining table was a storage container. He said that the daughter-in-law left it for me. I placed the container in the back seat of the car and took it home. The next day, I opened the box and began to look inside. It contained many memorable photos of me, my aunt and uncle. There were other photos of family members and a photograph of my grandmother. I never had a photo of her and I was excited that she had included it in the box. There are two other grandaughters - my sister and cousin who I'm sure would like to have a copy, so I'll make one for each of them.

As I looked through all the photos, underneath the scrapbooks and other papers were some objects that were wrapped in newspaper. I unwrapped the items to find a covered china bowl and matching creamer and sugar bowl. I don't remember whether or not these belonged to my aunt or my grandmother. My sister or cousin could better answer that question because they are older and have a better recollection of the china that both my grandma and aunt had. As I ventured down in the bottom of the storage box, I came upon a large object in a heavy plastic zipper bag. It was a punch bowl with several cups and a ladle! I do not remember my aunt entertaining much so I assume the punch bowl belonged to my grandma. These treasures I will add to my collection containing the "plastic" emerald ring from a bubble gum machine and the two marbles found from my childhood!

Going through the box brought back very precious memories! I thank God for them!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Dancing Wallflower said...

My friend,
I rejoice with you as you remember your aunt and uncle with the things you were left. Your post today reminded me of my grandparents,all but one are gone. I am very thankful for them and the memories I have shared with them.
God bless you my friend,

From the Heart said...

That memory box is getting fuller and fuller. Isn't it wonderful.
My husband started looking at pictures we had of the twins of his niece when they were just babies. I had forgotten we had so many. One of them was very special. His niece and her husband put together a lot of pictures of the twin that died and his brother plus the funeral home had a slideshow going.

I remember going to their first birthday and one of them had a meltdown, so I took him upstairs and changed his diaper and sat down in a rocker and he went to sleep. Everyone had to wait until he woke up to start their first birthday party. I couldn't remember which twin it was but our niece told me it was the twin that is still with us. She had that picture on an easel full of pictures. My husband found a picture of me and the sleeping twin in a photograph book I had started of them. I was so happy to know I had that picture.

Thanks for all the prayers. It was very stressful but I'm so glad we went to be with our niece, her husband and the twin I had rocked.

Becky said...

I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had experienced such a great loss so recently. Praise the Lord for those pictures, china, and memories left behind to treasure. God Bless :-)

JnL4God said...

Hi my friend,
I'm so glad you have some new treasures. This weekend my sister brought some treasures from my Grandma who just turned 91 and has sold her home to live with her Step daughter. There was an antique vase and a crystal candy dish and lots of pictures. We actually didn't get through all the pictures but will when she comes up in October. It's strange but another similarity. :) I pray for your peace. I'm sending a blog hug.
Love ya,

Sharon said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss.

I know it must of been so much fun and yesssss those memories, while you were going through that box. I have somethings like that as well. They have given and shared so many wonderful memories of the past.
God Bless You my Sister in Christ

christi28 said...

what a wonderful gift God has blessed you with. memories last a lifetime. i am so sorry for your loss.

blessings !

GOD'S LADIE said...

What great memories and beautiful china! Sorry to hear of the loss in your family. May GOD's peace and love rest upon you and your family. Thanks for checking up on me. I actually had to go to the emergency room Monday. I feel a little bit better today and am going to the doctor's tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for sharing some of your memories. Love the gourds, are these your designs?


debrah said...

Hi Plant Lady- Yes- I finished the laundry...I don't drive so my friend comes by once a week and she drives me to the laundromat...I could walk but she appreciates the company and I appreciate being able to take a week's load of laundry at the same time...then I went to the library, came home watched a bit of the Convention and just came home from our weekly prayer meeting...it's not much of a day but it takes time...anyway I will see ya over at lynn's...

Mary said...

I always appreciate the comments you leave on my blog. Thank you!

It is always sad to lose a loved one but I am glad that the memories cannot be taken. And I know you will treasure the things that you found in the container that was left for you. These things are priceless!

Right now we that live on the Gulf Coast are keeping our eyes on the weather as Gustav is getting closer by the hour. There is nothing we can do but pray for God's mercy and put our trust in Him.