Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Spider

Hello Everyone!

Mr. Plant Lady and I have had a visitor take up residence at our house. She is a garden spider (what better kind for plant people?) Some call it a "writing spider" because of the silken "writings" that it forms on its web.

She has spun her web (remember Charlotte's Web?)on the shrubbery just off the front porch. We have been talking about her for over a week now and have watched her progress as she waits patiently for her prey. We noticed a few days ago, that she had "captured" an unlucky prisoner and had spun a silken shroud around it, just like the Egyptians of old, when they embalmed their dead (mummy) and entombed them in the Pyramids.

As I went to work this morning, I noticed that the "mummy" was gone. She had totally disposed of the body! I wonder what she did with it! It is amazing to me how God provides for all His creation! How much more will He provide for His children, giving them their daily bread as well as other blessings too numerous to count?

Keep an eye out for those garden (or "writing") spiders at your house. They are most beautiful and I think that they could possibly be writing a "thank you" note to their Creator! What do you think?

Thank you God for Your blessings, provision, and the spiders!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


debrah said...

Plant Lady:
You amaze me - you find beauty even in spiders!!! I am not a fan of the insect world...but you are quite right in appreciating their beauty since they are part of God's creation...actually (not sure of this) but I think that spiders help decrease the mosquito population...if that's the case...then I am a huge fan...
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Becky said...

Oooo... that is a beautiful spider! I don't mind bugs and such just as long as they are outside, LOL! I was going to do a spider post too. But mine was just about a Daddy (Mommy) Long Leg. ;-) I love reading your blog. Its like a devotional :-)

Mar Lambeth said...

Good morning!

I'm glad I read your post this morning, for it prompted me to be a little more open about spiders. I don't have a fear of them like I do mice, but I have not really appreciated them. I need to because when my grandchildren come to visit, I almost always get the call: "GRANDMA! Another spider in the den!" This alert always makes me feel as if my housekeeping isn't up to par and I hasten to remove the intruder, but I think I shall take a new approach now. Perhaps learning a bit about spider identification and additional information might lead to a little appreciation. And I might become "Cool Grandma" in my grandsons' eyes. I think I shall begin by checking out Charlotte's Web.....Yeah sounds good. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a blessed day.

Mar from afar

JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
That was a nice post and I agree with Debrah you have a nack finding the beauty in even a spider. Have a great day.

Mary said...

Several years ago my sister-in-law who has a passionate love for nature,made me aware of the amazing
little creature, the spider. There were several things that I noticed. One was after spinning an intricate and detailed web, if it was knocked down, that little spider would just start over and rebuild. The webs are so beautiful. I had one little spider that I watched for several weeks and then one morning, I looked and the spider was gone. The web was there but the spider didn't return. Several days later the wind blew tiny little blooms from a Crape Myrtle all over the web.
It was like nature was saying, "goodbye" to my little friend.


christi28 said...

oh plant lady, like the other ladies have said, you even find beauty in spiders! i wish i could. i am terrified of them!! but now the next time i see one and i hope not like the one you took a picture of, i will think of you and God's provision for each of us!

blessings ~

ps - i think ,y mom called these spiders banana spiders. are they the same or am i wrong?

From the Heart said...

Don't know how I missed this one. Spiders I don't like, sorry. I know there must be a reason that God created them, but I still don't like them. You have a special gift of seeing the best and most beautiful parts of not only God's creation of "spider", etc. but you also see the beauty in people. That's a special gift.