Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweetheart and the Ground Mole

Hello Everyone!

Several weeks ago, I did a post entitled Sweetheart and the Bandits". Today's post is about her latest adventure. Sweetheart (that Strange Bird) is up to her same old tricks! This time, she has taken to digging up ground moles that are burrowing under the grass in the back yard.

Friday, as we were washing vegetables for the Market, Daddy noticed her "rooting" in the yard. "Look at Sweetheart," he whispered. There she was, with her nose buried in the ground! She was using her snout as a shovel to search the tunnel for its furry little inhabitant. She was getting close! As she dug, her tail was wagging a warp speed! She had this rhythm going - digging with her front paws, shoveling with her nose and then "snorting" out the dirt that got in her nose. Finally, it all paid off! She came up with a small, brown, funny-looking creature with strange feet.

She tossed it up into the air, pounced on it, and finally finished it off! When it failed to move again, she lost interest and went about following the other tunnels to root out another.

Later that day, she was in the gourd patch, where we were gathering some of the gourds that were ready. She became very interested in the pursuit of rats that were feasting on some of the gourds. The gourd vines and the grass that has overtaken the patch made it difficult for her to walk, so she began "leaping" just like a deer as she chased the rats. What fun she was having!

Suddenly, she heard a noise in the front yard! She took off like lightning toward the front and then detoured into the garden where she found the noise maker - a tractor with a piece of machinery attached to harvest the tobacco that is grown by a neighbor. Once she saw him, (he's her friend) she turned and came back to us in the gourd patch where she resumed her rat-chasing!

Afterwards, when we went to the house, she went in and fell asleep on her usual spot on Daddy's couch, waiting there only until Daddy took his afternoon nap in the bedroom, then she followed him to her usual spot on the bed! Such is the life of Sweetheart! Never a dull moment!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Becky said...

What kind of dog is Sweetheart? My Border Collie, Flip does the same thing... constantly hunting moles and bounding around the way you described. Sometimes I feel like I should rent her to people with rodent problems since she catches just as many as my kitties do.

JnL4God said...

Plant Lady
How sweet is that. Kinda funny how determined they are until they get what they are after and then are calm as can be to just take a nap.
Have a great day.

debrah said...

Persistence, determination and fun...what lessons one could learn from Sweetheart! Hope you have a great week.
Be Blessed
In His Love,

Dancing Wallflower said...

Hi Sweetie---
Love the blog this am--I wanted you to especially know that the soaps you sent me are fantabulous!
I love the milk and honey---that is the first one I have tried! I think of you everytime I wash my face---
Steve is in Wyoming with the IMB mission board I think. He is on the board--Steve just told me that 4 more received Jesus as Savior last night. Isn't that just great!
Thank you for praying for us while he is gone and also for our safety during Fay.
Love ya to the Stars and Back