Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today's the Day - and What A Day!

Hello Everyone!

Today has been CRAZY for me! I started out in my usual Saturday morning routine - up at 6:00 AM, get dressed, gather up my gourds and load in the car for the trip to the Farmer's Market. Nothing unusual about that until about 2 miles from the Market. A noise! I slow down, pull over, and get out. There it was - a FLAT front tire! No problem, I know how to change a flat, but I have to unload all the gourds in the back of my car to get to the spare tire!

There I was, in the parking lot of the local Quizno's with all my tire-changing equipment out beside the car and dozens of gourds piled in boxes! I set up the jack, took off the lug nuts and put on the spare. And in record time! I loaded up all those gourds, placing them strategically around the flat and got back on the highway. I went about 100 yards and then . . . ANOTHER FLAT, now it's the spare that's gone flat! CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE? I surely hope NOT!

I called Mr. Plant Lady on my cell phone and reported the BAD NEWS. He would have to get up and come to get a new tire. I just know he was thrilled to lose those couple hours of sleep without me poking him in the ribs. He is not a morning person!

There I was, sitting on an abandoned side road behind a shopping center waiting for my hubby to come RESCUE me. A State Trooper passes, and looks, but keeps going. He saw me on the cell phone so I'm guessing he thought I was calling for help. A few minutes later, the Trooper passes again, still looking, but does not stop. I must look like I'm pretty self-sufficient, no help needed here, RIGHT?!!!

I called another vendor at the market to ask him to let my dad know of the delay. I was supposed to stop and get him a breakfast biscuit! Breakfast will be LATE today, I'm afraid! The vendor answered, but he had not left home yet (he lives 30 minutes away)! He gave me the cell phone number of another vendor and I called him. He wasn't going to be at the market today, although his wife was on her way! He relays the message to her for my dad. A few minutes later, his wife pulls up beside me. She was nearby and decided to check on me. She would relay my message to Daddy and go through the drive-thru for the biscuits because I know, by now, he's starving!

Mr. Plant Lady arrived and took the flat to the Wal-Mart to have a new tire put on the rim. Mind you, this is a little after 7:00 AM. Is Wal-Mart service center even open at this hour? About 20 minutes later, Mr. Plant Lady arrived with the new tire and took the spare to be fixed. I finally made it to the Market! I felt as though I had done a full day's work and it's wasn't even 8:30 AM yet. WHEW!!!

I set up my gourds between customers. My dad had a brisk trade today, with everyone wanting the fresh okra, collards and cucumbers he brought. Daddy was not feeling well - it was probably going without breakfast for a while. His usual breakfast time is 6:00 AM! He left the Market early and I finished selling the veggies for him. The day was hectic, but it was a good one! I quickly sold four birdhouse gourds and some gourd ornaments. I also got more orders for Christmas gifts. I have to get busy! No more being lazy!

I know you've all been waiting for the announcement of the winner of the T'z Beez soap collection. Had I not had such a hectic day, I would've posted sooner, but better late that never, right?

The T'z Beez Soap Collection goes to Dancin' Wallflower! Congratulations! I bet she is dancin' now, don't you?

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit and register. "Plant Lady's Ponderings" will do another drawing around Christmas if you'd like. Just let me know if you are interested.

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Dancing Wallflower said...

I am so dancing on this end!!! Not just because I am receiving such a beautiful gift, but because I have met such wonderful people like Ms. Plant Lady through blogging! I am truly priviledged to have met you my sweet friend!!

debrah said...

Plant Lady
I am tired just reading about your day...
Congratulations to Dancing Wallflower...and she is so right you are a sweet friend
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Mar Lambeth said...

Well, Plant Lady, you have an enormous amount of energy, a level head that didn't go all frantic, and consideration for others in the midst of your "delays." I'm impressed all over the place that you knew how to change tires! I kind of thought that was like cleaning fish, something the menfolk needed to feel superior over. Maybe I need to rethink. hope your next Saturday goes a whole lot better. Enjoy reading your adventures!


Becky said...

Aw poo... I'm happy for dancing wall flower but sad for me. I hope your next farmers market runs a little smoother... I hate the feeling that I've lived three days before 8a.m.

christi28 said...

congrats dancing wallflower! how sweet you will smell!

sorry to hear of your crazy saturday, plant lady! next saturday will be better!

is your dad feeling better?

blessing to you this week ~

JnL4God said...

Wow What a day! Glad you're alright. Is your Dad feeling better? I'm glad "Dancing wallflower" won the basket it looks very nice. Well have a great day.