Friday, August 15, 2008

Lost and Found

Hello Everyone!

I LOST MY MARBLES! You all are saying, "Yes, I believe she has after the post on those BEAUTIFUL spiders!" But I really did lose my marbles when I was a little girl!

I can't remember who gave them to me, but I once had a little velvet bag that contained several beautifully-colored marbles with designs in them. My grandmother was terrified that I would put them in my mouth, swallow them and get choked. Knowing me, she was probably right, but that was one of her fears that was never realized, thank goodness!

I can remember playing with them on the rug in the den where their movement was easily contained, but don't let them get off on the hardwood floors!(We had hardwood floors BEFORE they became all the rage and I remember how much I wanted Mama and Daddy to get wall-to-wall carpet) If the marbles did venture onto the smooth surface of the floors, they disappeared never to be found again! Or so I thought!

Somehow, one of my precious marbles ended up in the garden! The garden of all places! But there, as pretty as a picture, I found one just sitting on top of the dirt like a diamond, waiting for ME, all these years later! Several years ago, I had a similar find. While looking in the "packhouse", where my dad packed tobacco and blueberries years ago, I found another of my marbles in amongst the rusty bolts, nuts and nails that were kept in a box. Along with the marble, a tiny ring that came from a bubble gum machine.(You know the kind that you put in a dime(now a quarter or two)and get a prize) It's band was still shiny and the "plastic" emerald was still as green as it was when it would fit on my ring finger!

Today, I placed the newly-found marble in amongst the other "treasures" I keep in my jewelry box. I don't know why I keep these trivial things, but I guess I'm just sentimental that way!

What treasures have you found lately? Did you tell anyone? Did you put it in a "special place"?

The Greatest Treasure can be found anytime! When you find it, tell someone! The most special place it can be put - your Heart!

Seek and You Shall Find!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


From the Heart said...

Seems to me by the end of your post you had found your marbles.
You have another great gift of story telling. I know they are all true but it takes a special person to make a story out of things that have happened in your life.
Thanks for sharing,

Mary said...

Another beautiful post! I'm with AliceE. You do, indeed, have a gift for story telling.

This morning I put blueberries on my cereal. . and thought of you! I suppose from now on when I eat blueberries I will think of "Plant Lady."

Here is a little funny to go with the treasures in the heart. Some years back when I was in Bible Study Fellowship, I was doing a good bit of Bible memorizing. I said something about "hiding the Word in my heart" and was going to give a scripture and couldn't remember it. One of the ladies said, "I guess she hid it so well, she can't find it!"


Joyfulsister said...

LOL.. okay I had to read further down, the last time someone told me they had lost their marbles there was a whole different meaning behind that!! but you actually meant real marbles ahh I luv it!! Hey you know what I used to luv marbles as well I had a favorite one I think they called it a tiger eye. But I could shoot them marbles just as good as the guys, but they ended up winning most of my marbles.Hmm what have found lately..Oh I found an old tiny luggage that belonged to my dad and it contained old love letters to my mom!! I will share them oneday on my blog. I loved this post my sistah!!.
Hugz Lorie

JnL4God said...

Plant Lady

That was great. My Dad had a small gunney sack full from when he was a boy and would let me play with them sometimes. I remember we had a special camping trip when I was first a teenager and I saved a piece of bark from it for years. And I too have other little treasures that I put in my jewlery box.
Have a great weekend.

christi28 said...

plant lady,
i was thinking about what you said about the things you have found recently and how wonderful it is that you and your father still live in the place where you lost your "treasures" and have the chance to find them some years later! my parents divorced when i was 12 and we moved from our childhood home. i know it sounds silly but every so often when i am in that part of town, i go drive by my old childhood house just to check on it. its great to see!

i havent found anything lately, but i have LOST something. my contacts! yes, you heard me right, my contacts. case and all. i think a certain little boys hands must have gotten a hold of them off my bathroom counter and has done something with them. he probably put them in the trash can which has been taken out a couple of times since i realized they were missing. or i hate to say, flushed them!!

crazy crazy adorable boy!

blessings to you friend ~