Saturday, July 26, 2008

The View From My Kitchen Window - Pt. 4

Hello Everyone!

Today's "View From My Kitchen Window" is literally the view from my kitchen window - the hummingbird feeders attached to my window and hanging on a shepherd's hook just off the deck. They have had frequent visitors this summer - marvelous little creatures with antics that are sure to bring a smile to your face and a "thank you" to God for His little blessings!

They are always as "fast as lightning", darting to and fro, protecting their "Special Flowers" - the large, red ones attached to the feeders that are so much sweeter than the others in different parts of the yard. And the battles that rage - battles that leave scars! I feel a lesson taking shape "from the garden" - my hummingbird feeder garden!

They come in at full speed, maneuvering in ways that the United States Air Force wish they could mimic. Hovering briefly, then darting up, up, up, then suddenly backward, then into a nose-dive that is sure to make you dizzy following them with your eyes! They are in a battle for the sweet nectar that is contained in one of those red, plastic flowers. Oh, how sweet it is! But it comes at a price. Battle scars!

Yesterday, I was watching them while doing my daily chore of dish washing. My hands were washing dishes, but my mind was on the battle raging outside my window. Some of the hummers that finally made it through the gauntlet, (a Clint Eastwood movie, I believe) found rest and a drink on the little perch attached to the feeder. They looked awful! Feathers ruffled - some looked as if they were missing. They seemed weak from the hours of fighting which made them look malnourished. They looked like poor, pitiful creatures not like the beautiful, sleek ones that first appeared earlier in the year. Many days of battle have taken its toll.

We are the same, spiritually speaking. We are in a fight every day with an enemy that SEEMS as attractive as the beautiful sleek hummers that appear in the spring. Only through the constant battles do we finally recognize that our adversary is ugly and will do whatever it takes to keep us from the "sweet nectar" that is the Lord! With persistence, we will triumph victoriously! But not without the scars. The scars are there, I think, to remind us of the "ugliness" that is the enemy and the "beauty" that is the victory won!

Next time you see those marvelous creatures - the hummers, darting to and fro, be reminded of the ugliness, but more importantly, the "beauty" of Victory!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


God Chaser said...

thanks for dropping by Sabbath Rest
Thanks for the reminder that the enemy can appear beautiful, but indeed very ugly as well as the scars he leaves. Glory to God we have the victory and our scars are beautiful to God. Be blessed


Mary said...

Well, I did it!
My tag random things have been posted!


JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
What a nice post. You are so right if we could always remember how ugly the enemy is and how little power he has, we wouldn't have so many battle wounds. I have too many I'm sure. :). Hope all is well with you have a great Sunday.

debrah said...

It is easy to be fooled by the way things appear and to feel a fool when we see what was covered up...
Praise be to God for His Word that sheds light in those dark places we sometimes find ourselves...
I am also so thankful for the times He shed His light on a particular circumstance before I walked in to trouble.
In His Love,

God Chaser said...

thanks for stopping by Sabath Rest again. To God be the glory for your blessing while there. Get Ready, Get Ready if you havve been in the desert than you know God is preparing you for something and I hope you share when He does. i know the desert is not easy but God takes us there for a reason, preparation. Get Ready, Get ready keep your eyes and ears tuned for His direction. Be Bless

Mar Lambeth said...

Hi Plant Lady,

I began another post to you the other day, but it vanished and I had to do some recreating and repairing on my computer. I was responding to your concept of "OASIS" and relating to it in a really big way. Still awaiting an opportunity and know that in God's time it will develop.

Now I'm relating to your hummingbird story. Once I was visiting a friend and we were getting to know each other and I happen to mention that I wanted to purchase a little hummingbird feeder for my deck because I had seen one just outside my window. She quietly invited me to follow her to her front porch where it was nice and cool. We had only been sitting there a few moments when a team of bombers came and invaded the porch. I have never seen so many at once and their speed and beauty were amazing. Now my question for you: How on earth did you capture that gorgeous picture of the hummingbird? You must have the best camera and/or be a professional photographer. I'm still feeling like quite the amateur with this blogging thing. But it is great fun, a good challenge for me right now, and very inspiring. Any suggestions are welcome.


Mary said...

Enjoyed the latest view! I love to watch humming birds. I suppose just about everyone does. That was a very good spiritual lesson, too.


JnL4God said...

Good Morning
Have a great day!

Technonana said...

I just love humming birds!!! Like you I love to watch them dart around. Indeed one of God's intriging creatures!!

nothingcanseparateme said...

Plant Lady,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am new to this blogging adventure and gaining a lot of insight from so many christian women across the country. It is exciting!

We have an occasional hummingbird in our yard--what amazing creatures they are!! I love your analogy of the "battle scars" that they receive while trying to get to the sweet nectar and our "battle scars" as we fight the devil to get to our sweet Jesus.

Let's keep fighting till we are all victorious!!

bless you!

Beauteous Woman said...

Hi Plant Lady!

Thank you for stopping by and yes, I have not blog in a while because I was lazy and I didn't know what else to blog about. Now that I'm going to start using my bible study to blog.

Thank you for you for reminding me and your encouraging words and I will face my fear!

I only saw a humming bird once in my life, and that was 5 years ago! I was like "gasp" oh my goodness, such a beautiful creature and I agree that devil can appear beautiful then turn out ugly!

and Plant Lady, you're tagged! the instruction is posted and tag others!