Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little About Me

Hello Everyone!

After just visiting "The Gallagher Gang" blog, I decided to play along with a game that Christi is doing called "A Little About Me." If you want to join in, the more the merrier, I say! So here goes!

A Little About Me
1.What is in the back of your car? Several boxes of gourd birdhouses for the Farmer's Market
2.What color is your toothbrush? Lime Green
3.Name one person who made you smile today. Mr. Plant Lady
4.What were you doing at 8:00 AM? Sleeping (and possibly snoring!)
5.What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Cleaning out the medicine drawer
6. What is your favorite candy? Snickers and Almond Joy (I can't decide!)
7. What is the last thing your said aloud? Bye (as Mr. Plant Lady walked out the door)
8. What is the best ice cream flavor? Peach, of course!
9. What is the last thing you had to drink? Sweet Tea (is there any other kind?)
10. What are you wearing right now? An old, paint-stained t-shirt and shorts
11. What is the last thing you ate? Boiled Shrimp, cole slaw, french fries and hushpuppies
12. Have you bought any new clothes this week? No
13. When was the last time you ran? I can't remember!
14. What was the last sporting event you watched? I'm not exactly sure!
15. Ever go camping? No, but I'd love to!
16. Do you have a tan? Yes, a farmer's tan that I'm working on to even up!
17. Do you take vitamins daily? No, but I need to
18. Do you go to church? Yes – a Wesleyan Church in the East District of NC
19. Do you like Chinese food more than pizza? Yes, and also Mexican!
20. Do you drink your soda with a straw? Only at a restaurant
21. Are you someones best friend? Yes, Mr. Plant Lady's!
22. What are you doing tomorrow? Catching up on some painted birdhouse orders
23. Where is your dad? Down on the farm, working
24. Can you say the alphabet backwards? With a little thought!
25. Do you have a maid service clean your home? I AM the maid!
26. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? Flip-flops of any color
27. What color is your car? Light Blue
28. How do you like your popcorn? Butter and salt and occasionally cinnamon sugar!
29. How did you get your worst scar? A fall on the steps as a child (4 stitches on my forehead! )
30. Look to your left. What do you see? The living room
31. What color is your watch? Silver
32. What do you think of when you think of Australia? Koala bears and kangaroos
33. Do you use chap stick? Yes
34. Do you have a dog? I have "shared custody" of my daddy's dog, Sweetheart
35. Last person you talked to on the phone? Daddy
36. Have you met anyone famous? Yes, Senator John McCain, Senator Elizabeth Dole, President Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, Erskin Bowles, former Clinton Administration Chief of Staff, now President of the University of North Carolina System, former Senator and Presidential candidate from NC John Edwards (mostly political figures-Mr.Plant Lady's interest)
37. Any plans today? Paint some more birdhouses in preparation for a "Christmas In August" show
38. How many states have you lived in? One, North Carolina!
39. Do you dye your hair? Most definitely! I'd be gray without it!
40. Do you like cats? Yes, as a child I had several - Chatta, Garden Pea, Crouton, Johnson, and the favorite calico named Evinrude (named after the "purring" of an outboard motor!)
Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


christi28 said...

yeah! i am so glad you did this. i thought it would be fun to do and also to read and learn a little something about our fellow blogger friends.

blessings ~

ps- cinnamon and sugar on popcorn?!
yum!! i must try that!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I'm amazed you know your toothbrush color without looking. I think mine is purple.

I notice your answer to 20 and thought I'd just chimem in...did you know that drinking soda from a straw prevents 50% of the acidic wear on your teeth. Yes, ma'am. I drink all sodas through a straw and if possible it's best to position the straw as far back as possible to further prevent the soda (and bad acid) from touching your teeth. This will help to keep your enamel. As the dentist says, once it's gone, it's gone.

Hope you enjoyed that tid bit of info.

debrah said...

What great names- I especially like Garden Pea...
Is there any particular historical political figure you are looking forward to meeting when in Heaven?
I once remarked to my brother how I am looking forward to meeting John Adams, Churchill, The Apostle Paul and others when I arrive in Heaven...My brother then remarked - you named everyone but Jesus...was my heart exposed in that moment...
What is sweet tea?


JnL4God said...

Well I've had these on e-mail but this should be fun. I may even bring in some of the differnt ones from e-mail. Like you answers I'll have to see how mine go.
Did you have a nice Birthday? Did you get your camera? Are you telling how old you are? (How bad of me... I'm 44 and 45 in Oct if that helps) :)

Plant Lady said...


It is made from brewed tea that is sweetened with sugar.

To make a gallon of sweet tea, you should boil four family size tea bags (depending on the strength desired) in about three or four cups of water(to make a concentrate.) When tea comes to a boil, turn off and let sit for a few minutes. Pour warm tea into a gallon size pitcher with about 1 1/2 cups of sugar, depending on taste. Add cold water and stir.
Refrigerate until chilled. Fill glasses with ice and pour tea over ice.(Some like to add lemon or crushed spearmint leaves)

A REAL treat on a hot day!!!

Plant Lady

JnL4God said...

Thanks for sharing and I figure if we are living to 120 yrs I'm only 1/3 there so no problem. :) I posted my "A little about me" If you want to check.
Have a great night.

debrah said...

Thank you for the Sweet Tea recipe...
What a refreshing way to enjoy hot summer day.


Dancin' Wallflower said...

Love the peanut analogy on my blog!!! Girl you know that is just how it is!! I'll be back soon to check out your blogs!!!

JnL4God said...

Okay here's another I love Peanut clusters... Just thought I'd add that to our list. :)