Sunday, July 20, 2008

The View From My Kitchen Window - Pt. 3

Hello Everyone!

Today brings another "View From My Kitchen Window." This past Friday, I had the opportunity to visit a neighboring county and spend some time with a group of ladies with similar interests at a craft show fundraiser to benefit worthwhile programs within their county.

When I arrived they had some booths set up outside and had various kinds of plants for sale. Angel Trumpets, Crima lilies, all sorts of shrubs and other interesting things. I finally decided on a Walking Iris! I had seen them before, and had always admired them. The lady had a large, well established pot and the price was right, only $1.00!!!! She was overstocked and letting them go CHEAP. I could have left right then and felt the forty minute trip was worthwhile, but I continued inside through a hallway lined with booths.

I came upon a table with two little girls selling jams and jellies. They were doing a brisk business! Children are the greatest salesmen! You just can't say no! The next table was a lady with a stack of tickets for the lunch being served that day. A salad lunch! Not many calories! I bought a ticket.

I made my way through the well-displayed crafts and lively conversation. I came upon a lady that made beautiful jewelry. She had different types of stones, wooden beads, silver beads and other items that she crafts into wonderful bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I could not resist a unique necklace made from turquoise and silver beads all laced through a black leather cord. Beautiful!!!

Paperweights were the next item that caught my attention! Rocks and smooth stones were "wet felted" - covered with different colors of felt and placed in a wooden bowl. They made a very attractive arrangement, so I decided to get some to put in my "birthday" bowls on my coffee table. I told the lady that I would have a difficult time explaining to Mr. Plant Lady the need for buying "rocks!" We all laughed and she said that she felt sure I could come up with a good explanation!

The next table was one I skipped over. I had to - it was homemade, hand dipped chocolate candies of all sorts. Chocolate covered strawberries were the hardest to resist! Next came a table full of handmade purses. Then I saw the gourds!!! A lady with a table full of painted bowls, birdhouses, Christmas ornaments, etc. - all made from gourds! I took a birdhouse and a bowl home with me! I like to "study" different crafting techniques and I will incorporate some of them when I craft with gourds

Now for the "View." Lunch was being served, so I pulled out my ticket and waited in the short line. The ladies behind the counter were serving the plates. I recognized two of them from the craft show that we had held in our county last November. One of them, I was told, was sister to one of the ladies I knew from my county. As I approached the window, I said "hello" and mentioned that I knew her sister. I was greeted by a "cold icy stare" and silence! When she finally did speak, after what seemed like an eternity, she said, "Who are YOU?" I immediately recognized that I probably should have kept my mouth shut! I did manage to blurt out my name and the other lady I recognized interceded for me. She said she recognized me as the gourd lady from the craft show last November. Just as soon as I got my plate, I retreated to a table. The other lady came around taking photos of the booths and I motioned for her to come over to the table. I told her that I felt I had said something wrong, then she explained.

This lady and her sister have a feud going that has continued for many years. They both, it seems, are willing participants in the feud. All that know them, (I don't very well) know of it and know to stand clear or be "caught up" in it. I guess I placed myself unknowingly, in the middle! I told the lady that I meant no harm and did not know of this "feud" but whatever the cause, it was not worth years of animosity toward each other and others that just happen to mention the other's name. Both of these ladies are harboring unforgiveness in their hearts and it has grown to the point that it manifests itself in their behavior toward others! I think at least one of them would claim to be a Christian, (the one I know) yet this is an area that seems to be "uncovered" by the Blood, if you understand what I am trying to say! That is the "View From My Kitchen Window" and sometimes the view can be ugly.

Please help me pray for these ladies and that the separation between them that Satan has "nourished" be broken by the power of Love and Forgiveness! The Word tells us that we must forgive others if we are to be forgiven! A scary thought if these ladies don't forgive one another.

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Good morning-
Good post, I've been to enough craft bazaars and county fairs I could envision the booths. :)
I already said a prayer for the sisters. I have know people that are like that I have even experienced that where someone has a beef with someone and you by golly if you like the one then you don't like them. It's a hard situation to deal with. And now as an adult and knowing the way God looks at it makes it even more important to just settle it and go on.
Hope you're having a nice day and weekend.

From the Heart said...

A beautiful "view from your window." Sounds like you enjoyed a very good day except for the sisters. The only thing you can do is pray for them, I know I will.
I've known people like that and it's really hard to be around them when the other person you know has a good heart and loves the other person regardless. Only God can change them.
Have a great day,

From the Heart said...

Plant Lady,
Please go to my blog and read my post for July 20th. I have a surprize for you.

JnL4God said...

Hi thanks for the note. Hope you have a great day. I heard from Donna, she is okay just having computer issues. Talk to you soon.

debrah said...

Great Post! My sister and I have had our share of disagreements - as kids-we would both warn our friends not to become involved because we knew that we would make up and that might make it awkward for those who chose a side...I can't imagine going for years being angry at her or anyone else for that matter. How sad for them especially in the light of what God's word tells us about loving and forgiving each other. I keep praying that anger would not rear its ugly head in my life...It would be great to be the type of person who lets everything to roll off...what peace they must have...I will keep taking it to the cross until I truly walk in Love...
Have a blessed week.

debrah said...

Yes- Martin was a pilot.

Mary said...

I'm trying to catch up after missing a week of reading blogs.
I sure don't want to miss any of the views from your kitchen window!

In the previous post you mentioned seeing the Billy Graham library. I would love to go through this library. . maybe some day. .

I also love to see outdoor drama's
We saw "Shepherd of the Hills" when visiting the Ozarks.

Also enjoyed the pictures.. now that you have a digital camera, we will look for more pictures. :)

And this post on craft show, etc was really interesting, too! And it is sad to see unforgiveness in people. Life is too short to hold grudges!


Technonana said...

Oh how very sad that sisters can't get along... if only I had a sister.... Unforgiveness ties us down in so much pain and misunderstanding... I have learned that only though forgiveness am I truly free.. whether the other person is or not...
I pray that this family find wholeness and forgiveness.. and as Beth Moore says.. are able to 'grace as they have been graced."

From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comment and you are welcome for the award. You are a very deserving person. Be sure to put it on your blog even if you did get it from someone else also.

debrah said...

Hi! thank you for dropping by to say hello. Hope your week is going well.