Thursday, July 10, 2008

The View From My Kitchen Window Pt. 2

Hello Everyone!

Chicago! Today's view from my kitchen window!

Having traveled there once, I was amazed at how small it seemed. Small? Chicago - one of the largest cities in the Midwest! Yes, too me it seemed small compared to my expectations. I was even disappointed a little bit.

Tagging along with Mr. Plant Lady, who was attending a conference, I had nothing but shopping, sightseeing, and dining on my schedule. Two other ladies who were tagging along with their husbands, had the same schedule as mine. We did some shopping along the "Magnificent Mile" - well, mainly window shopping - as my budget allowed. I went on a tour bus with a group of strangers to the Chicago Botanic Garden that included a nice boxed lunch in the garden. It was wonderful! A totally unexpected surprise in the suburbs of Chicago! A complete "prairie" all within the confines of the Botanic Garden. I had not even considered there would be "rural" areas anywhere near the great metropolis. I felt right at home!

Staying at the Chicago Hilton, we were right across from Grant Park. The week that we were there, they had the Lollapalooza (I guess I spelled it right). I am not very familiar with it, but I have heard about it. I think it is some kind of concert. If anyone knows exactly what it is please let me know! (I don't get out much!) I do know that the masses of people that I expected to be in Chicago showed up there! We heard music all hours of the night! Not at all like the restful nights in North Carolina.

The two other ladies wanted me to go with them on a tour of great architectural sites around the city. I like architectural design, but this did not appeal to me. I thought about going to the Egyptian exhibit that was at the Field Museum. (I like anything historical!) Tickets were sold out for all the times I had free. How could I occupy myself? I can't believe I ventured out by myself in a big city (it was becoming much larger) with only a cell phone for protection! I made it back to the hotel without any trouble. (I wouldn't try it at night) Again, the Lollapalooza - how long does this go on? Tomorrow was Sunday. My one request was that we attend service at the historic Moody Church. I listen to the Moody broadcasts on the radio.

Mr. Plant Lady and I got dressed and caught a taxi. "Moody Church." The taxi driver took off! Literally. I do believe we went airborne! Those taxi cab rides you see in the movies are accurately depicted! There was a lot of prayin' going on, let me tell you! Finally our destination- all in one piece! Before us stood a very simple church, not the elaborate "cathedral-type" church I had expected. We went in to the reception desk. A nice lady welcomed us and directed us to the available Sunday School classes we might attend. We decided on one and were directed to a small room that was undergoing construction. We were greeted and offered donuts and juice or coffee. The lesson was very thought provoking and we felt the Love of God in the room.

We left the small room for the sanctuary. The service included some wonderful singing and a focus that day on Missions. A group of three couples stood before the congregation receiving their "commission" - to "go into all the world." If I remember correctly, two of the people were young doctors who felt the "call" to the mission field. It was a wonderful service and we were uplifted and encouraged.

After the service, short tours and a little history of the Moody Church was given. It was very informative and enjoyable.

While returning to that hotel after the service, we passed it! The place I have wanted to visit. One of the reasons for coming to Chicago, hoping that I would be able to visit! The Pacific Garden Mission! The place where the broadcast of the radio program, "Unshackled" is taped.
If you have never heard the real-life stories of those whose lives were broken and torn who come to know Jesus as their Saviour, you are missing out on a blessing.

The Pacific Garden Mission was only about two blocks from the hotel, but a world apart!
The "rough side" of Chicago was only two blocks away from the Magnificent Mile, a upper-income area comprised of exclusive shops and boutiques including Tiffany's and Nieman-Marcus. Just a few blocks was the stomping ground of the likes of Alphonse "Al" Capone and his gangster buddies. Two different worlds within a few blocks!

I had to go there! We called and asked if we could stop by. We were greeted by a man, kind of scruffy-looking, but very clean, dressed in a shirt and tie. He said he would give us a tour of the facility. It was a small building, with a few desks and tables, a computer and some photos of the facility. We were led back to another small room with lines of chairs set up as a worship area. There was a podium and if I remember correctly, a piano. Along the walls were pictures of those who founded the mission and their successors. A lady's photo was prominently displayed and I asked about her. She received the call to leave the "East" and come to the Midwest to start a mission. There is much more of the history of the Mission I would love to tell you, but my post is becoming too long.

I visited the Sears Tower, the Chicago Botanic Garden, shopped on the Magnificent Mile, visited the Navy Pier and saw the very best Chicago had to offer. No, not these I just mentioned!
The very best Chicago has to offer in my "view from my kitchen window" is the Moody Church and its focus on our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, sending out missionaries to the "ends of the earth" and the Pacific Garden Mission - providing, food, shelter, medical attention and compassion to those who are the "least of these!"

That is the view from my kitchen window!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Didn't get to read it all, will finish in morning (We get up at 3am so go to bed at 8)just wanted to say thanks for the comments and talk to you later.

JnL4God said...

Well I finished reading... awesome. And yes again I see some similarities. My Husband and I support and mentor recovering addicts that are and have gone through the local City Team recovery program. I remember when we took the tour of the mission where the homeless come in and spend the night and get a warm meal, and where the few that are in the program are housed upstairs. As you where telling your story it brought back those memories.
Also you will have to give me some lessons on venturing out on your own in the big city.. In October I am traveling to St. Louis MO, (by myself) to go to a Womens Conference with Joyce Meyers. Other than a train ride to Minnesota when I was 7 I have not been farther East than the West Edge of Idaho so this should be a new experience. There is a lady that I do a local Bible study with that asked if she could come with me, but I don't know if she actually is or not. So you might give me some of those venturing skills and hints. :) Have a great Birthday Weekend! From one country girl to another, With Love,

Dancin' Wallflower said...

I love your blog!! You're always welcome at my blog!! Thanks for coming by.

Mary said...

Another great view! I listened to "Unshackled" for many years and it was interesting to see more of the Pacific Garden Mission from your kitchen window. And like Lynn
reading this post brought back memories of places we have visited.

I was in Bible Study Fellowship for about nine years and their home office is in San Antiono, TX. I remember the excitement I had when visting the home office and taking a tour and seeing the room where the lessons were printed, sorted, etc.

There are so many wonderful places to visit and it was nice to visit one of these from your kitchen window!
And with the gas prices, a much better way to "travel." :)


Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

Sounds like you had a real adventuresome time!! I enjoyed reading about your trip.

Our best to you!

JnL4God said...

Hope you had a great Birthday and weekend.
Talk to you soon,

debrah said...

thank you for sharing the wonderful view you have of the world.

SKY4KAT said...

Sounds like you were busy busy busy. Chicago is a fun city to visit. I love the above street subways. Glad you had a wonderful time.

From the Heart said...

Somehow I missed your Part 2 "The View From My Kitchen Window". What an honor to be able to go a new city and get to see all the things your described. Sounds like a "birthday wish" come true.
Thanks for sharing,