Friday, September 26, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes! Pictures

Hello Everyone!

What a difference a day makes! Notice the blue skies!

Bodie Island Lighthouse and Jockey's Ridge

House used in the film "Nights in Rodanthe" and Old Coast Guard Station

Bodie Island Lighthouse and Orville and Wilbur Wright Memorial
Part of the Orville and Wilbur Wright Memorial - Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
Hope you enjoyed the photos!
Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


SKY4KAT said...

I am so glad that the weather turned nice. It sure seems a lot of storms are rolling in that way. we have been having a wonderful fall my flowers are still in bloom amid fallen leaves. Enjoy and glad to hear you are safe.

Becky said...

I so glad the weather decided to cooperate. The pictures a beautiful. I love the lighthouse and the FAITH in stone.

JnL4God said...

Yeaaaa I'm so glad it turned out good and the pictures are great. Glad you are safe. Enjoy the rest of your time.

From the Heart said...

So glad also that the weather turned out so beautiful for you. The pictures are great.

We made a trip to Jellico, TN and got into some very hard rain going over the mountains. We came back today and the sun was shinning.

We went to see our niece's father-in-law who has been in the hospital since the funeral of her son. First in Knoxville and then in Jellico where they live. He had two heart attacks during a procedure the doctors were doing but were able to restart his heart both times. He was alert and asked them to put him on life support. He is a minister and still wants to minister but unless God intervenes things do not look good.

I know the family would appreciate your prayers.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Plant lady..
It's me. long last Lorie!! I just wanted to say hello. I had blogging problems big time lost alot of widgets and my blog list so now I'm going blog to blog trying to get my list of friends blog back (sigh). I didn't realize how much work it is especially when you have to go through all the word verifications lol. I enjoyed the photos.

Hugz Lorie

Beauteous Woman said...

Wow! I love the lighthouse, Faith and all of the pictures you took! Fabulous!

I'm glad that the weather looks nice for you!

I'm back! hehehe.


christi28 said...

ok - this is wierd. another blog that i follow, , you should go and visit it and pray for this family, anyway they went there this week and took pictures of the "night in rodanthe" house. so i borrowed the book from a friend and couldnt put it down. finished it in a day and a half. cant wait to see the movie.

loved all of your pictures! any more crazy adventures?

blessings ~