Monday, September 22, 2008

Come With Me!

Hello Everyone!
It seems like it's been ages since I last did a post. Looking at the date of my last post, it's been over two weeks! I've been on an adventure to the mountains of Virginia with Mr. Plant Lady and haven't slowed down since!

Mr. Plant Lady serves on a Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D) and their regional meeting was held week before last in Wytheville, Virginia. I accompanied him and participated in some activities that were planned for spouses.

Our trip began on Wednesday morning. We hoped to leave around 6:00 am but did not get to leave until 11:00 am! We hoped to take a leisurely drive, stopping as we saw something of interest, but with our late start, we only stopped once, at a Farmer's Market in Virginia.

When we arrived in Wytheville, we checked in at the hotel and then went over to the conference center for the registration. After picking up our schedules, we went to a nearby Sagebrush Steakhouse restaurant for dinner. I ordered a Southwestern chicken entree and had some of the most delicious soup, a poblano pepper and white cheddar soup. Delicious! After dinner we turned in for the night because we had an early start the next day.

Thursday morning arrived and Mr. Plant Lady had meetings all day. I took him to the conference center and I explored Wytheville. My first stop was at a Goodwill store. I found a great black and red throw for $1.00! I plan to use it at Christmas as a table cloth for a small table I have. It will go well with my black and red table runner that I use on my dining table. Next, I went to a local department store hoping to find just the right outfit! No such luck! I had a turkey sub at the local Subway restaurant for lunch and then went back to the hotel.

After a short rest, I went to the conference center where I was to meet with other ladies who had signed up for the Wreath Workshop. Around ten other ladies and I boarded a van and went to the Beagle Ridge Herb Farm where we fashioned a wreath from dried herbs and natural materials collected from the woods. On the return trip back to the conference center, we saw several deer and wild turkeys. What an adventure!

Thursday night, Mr. Plant Lady and I went to the Log House Restaurant, a colonial tennant house that had been restored and turned into a restaurant. I ordered a chicken dish that was one of Thomas Jefferson's favorites. It had chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and olives along with some type of cheese. Delicious!

Friday, we took tours of the area. Mr. Plant Lady took a technical tour relating to his service on the council - a stream bank restoration tour and I took the Blue Ridge tour that included the Mabry Mill, the Blue Ridge Music center located on the Blue Ridge Parkway and shopping at an Appalachian Craft Center in Galax, VA , where I purchased a great mosaic-like gourd with a fish design and a gourd birdhouse I thought was cute! A wonderful day of sightseeing!

Friday ended with a pig pickin' and some lively local bluegrass music. We had a wonderful evening that ended with a silent auction in which I bid and won two items - a hand-turned tulip poplar bowl made in Kentucky and some "Green Grillin" Natural Hardwood Charcoal made from Appalachian Hardwoods from a sustainable forest project in the Appalachian Mountains.

We had a wonderful time and I took lots of photos for you to see!
Come along with me and enjoy the sights of a foggy Virginia morning!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Becky said...

Hey there Plant Lady! You have been missed! I'm glad you had fun on your trip and that you made it back safely. I love finding great deals at The Goodwill store... its the best! Those gourds are cute, I love the birdhouse :-D

I usually don't put up my turkeys and pilgrims until November 1. I'll definitely put up more pics though. I love Fall. Be careful in that attic of yours.

Sharon said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful photos.. Glad you are back!!
It sounded like so much fun, I love bluegrass music!! what a great ending! I love that throw, it's so beautiful and it would look great in my hommmme tooooo!!
what a great buy!
Glad you had a good time, you were missed.
Hugsss & Blessings

debrah said...

Welcome Back! You have been missed.
thank you for sharing your trip...I feel refreshed and restored as I traveled along with you description of your trip.
In His Love,

John Aydan said...

Hi Plant Lady,

That is an awesome log home i have ever seen... The way you have pictured it is also superb... Thanks a tonne for sharing the pics and the story...

From the Heart said...

Glad your back. I was beginning to wonder what you were pondering that was taking so long. Sounds like a beautiful trip.

My husband's family use to get together on the 4th of July and travel up to the mountains. His youngest brother was always the planner. One year we went to the Mabrey Mill. It was awesome.

We no longer travel we just get together and fellowship, eat, sing, eat, whatever, but we always have a good time.
Glad your back,

SKY4KAT said...

What a wonderful trip. I love it when I can travel with my husband. It doesn't happen very often but it is so much fun when I can. The weather looked wet or is it all that southern humidity? Beautiful serene scenery and great photo's. And now you are off on another adventure.
I'm heading to DC in 2 weeks and was wondering if the leaves will be turning or are they already turning.
The Aspens are reaching their peak color out here in the high country.It has been an awesome fall.
Looking forward to hearing more and see more pictures of your latest adventure.

christi28 said...

i have missed your posts but i am glad you are your hubby are having a great time!

cant wait to hear more tales!

blessings ~