Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Cicadas are here!!! After seventeen years of laying in the ground, cicada nymphs dug their way to the surface and crawled up to the trunk of our pecan tree to cling there to molt into winged adults. What child reared in the country hasn't put the "empty skins or shells" on their nose in that wonderful childhood expression of joy? (I remember the joy even now, don't you?)

Seeing these fascinating creatures, I thought of how we, like the cicada nymphs, have a time of "spiritual development" before we make our way out of the dirt and darkness into the sunlight and crawl our way to the support of a Strong Tree, where we attach our self until we can shed the "empty shell" of our former life and spread our "new wings" of spiritual maturity in Christ. The empty shells are all that remains as a reminder of our former life, with all the scars (notice the "tear" or "split" on the shell ) that are actually beneficial to complete the process of maturity!

We have left the darkness of our "grave" in the ground to emerge into the light and attach ourselves to the "Tree of Life", Jesus Christ, our Saviour! There we will be able to "mount up on wings of eagles" and soar! Resurrection! That is what our Saviour wants for us!

As I observed the cicadas on the pecan tree, I felt like this was the post for today. I don't know if it was meant for any particular reader, but if for no one else, it was for me! Thank you Lord for your creation and the way you speak to me!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

Hi Plant Lady
That was a great post. Who knows the post may have been for me. But even it it was not, it was a least partially for me and it had a message for me.
I have been overloaded with a project at work that only Jesus could accomplish in the time frame and so I have been working at leaning on Him. Your story is futher confirmation that I need to Cling, hold fast, dig into the Father for my support. I am thankful that each of us that are on this project are christians and we can pray and ask for Gods guidance in this openly. I told my assistant Tuesday that when this is all over we'll have a great testimony and praise report. :).
Thanks for you insight and posts, and your friendship.
Love ya,

christi28 said...

what a beautiful post! today in bible study i read in judges 6:18;

.... and the Lord said " i will wait until you return."

just like the cicadas come from their dark hole in ground, the Lord waits for us to come out of our darkness and into His light. itsn't that amazing!! he waits for us!! i am so undeserving!

blessings ~

SKY4KAT said...

What an awesome post.
It has been years since I have seen a cicada shell and yes I remember playing with them not putting it one my nose yewh... but walking it and having several of them and playing with them. But how reflective of coming out of our darkness into hte light and clinging to the strong tree to continue our transformation and renewing.

From the Heart said...

What a great post. Those cicadas make so much noise and I've never seen one up close. I don't know of anyone but you who could take a simple creature of God and relate it to our relationship with Him.

From the Heart said...

Plant Lady, Please come to my blog, I have an award for you.

nothingcanseparateme said...

Dear Plantlady,

This is a wonderful post comparing our coming out of the dirt & darkness and into the Fathers light. What part of the country do you live in? I remember the cicadas in the past here in SouthEastern PA but don't remember how long ago. There were so many shells at that time--my boys loved "crunching" them!!

You are very talented with your gourd painting!! The picture of them all spread out on your table is gorgeous!! What a wonderful gift idea!

God bless & thanks for visiting my blog today!
Kim from PA