Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New House and a Family Vacation

Hello Everyone!

Yipee! We are getting a new house! Well, not really, but we are having our house painted, - a job long overdue! We are having the trim painted a really pretty shade of white (off-white) with pine green shutters and doors. I'm so excited! I can hardly wait until I can post the pictures of our "new house".

It has not been painted since we bought the house back in 1999. The paint was beginning to peel and the storm windows needed a good cleaning along with the picket fence in the back. The painter married a former classmate of Mr. Plant Lady and he is working on the house in the evenings after work and on Saturdays. He is giving us a real good deal and he does a great job!

Next Friday we will travel to the mountains on our "family vacation". We have not had a "family" vacation since our first year of marriage. Mr. Plant Lady's mom, brother and sister-in-law and their son and sister will be going with us to Cherokee, NC and the surrounding area.
We are renting a nice cabin for a long weekend. I'm so excited because it has a hot tub and a pool table. I will enjoy the hot tub and I'm sure the fellows will enjoy the pool table!

I will try to keep you updated on my adventures with the "family". It's sure to make "adventurous" reading! Ha! Ha!

I'm hoping that I will return from the vacation to a "newly completed" house! I'll keep you updated.

Be Encouraged!

Plant Lady


christi28 said...

oh i love family vacations! i hope y'all have a blessed time together and i can wait to see the "new house" pictures.

blessing friend ~

From the Heart said...

Will be looking forward to the pictures of your "new house" and you vacation "stories". Be safe and have a great time. I'm sure you deserve it.

Becky said...

I am excited for you. I hope you have a wonderful time. How could you not :-D A hot tub sounds great!

Beauteous Woman said...

Hi Plant lady, this is so exciting! Giving your house a makeover must be so fun! I'm glad that you are happy about that.

I live in North Carolina! In Charlotte area. I have never been to Cherokee, NC.. It sounds fun and I am looking forward to your updates! I hope it is fun hehehe.

Thank you for stopping by, Made me smile :)


debrah said...

How exciting getting a house makeover...and having great traveling adventures.

Mar said...

Now THAT is a clever way to tackle acquiring a NEW HOUSE! You leave town and let someone else do the painting, etc. and then you come back and Voila! No stress. No mess. And a chance to bless! Love it! Looking forward to news of your trip. Have you tried to find a restaurant that serves authentic native american food? I think I heard of one. We tried one in Ashville and it was terrific. Of course you guys might be the catch the fish in the mountain stream and slap it on the grill type. DELICIOUS! Have a great time! Take longjohns just in case. : )


JnL4God said...

That is awesome and also funny. We had our house painted and had new shutters put on before we went on our Sept Vacation with my Hubbies family. The house was built in 1994 and other than repainting the porch and trim it had not been repainted. We did however have to re-side two sides of the house before painting. (LP siding). If you paint a different color or shade you will be amazed at how fresh and different it can make your house look. Again it is so funny the things that we do alike. Our next two project include taking a cherry tree out of the back yard and bringing in some more soil and replanting the grass. How about you? Hope you had a great time with the family, I know we did. Great memories that will always last.
Love ya,