Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Simple Prayer

Dear Lord,

I come to You today not asking for anything, but thanking You and praising You for the wonderful world You made for us to enjoy. I have been sitting on the deck looking around at Your miraculous creation and thinking about how it gives me enjoyment and pleasure.

The five bird eggs in my ferns-now five little birds, the bluejay in the back yard eating at the feeder, the hummingbirds drinking the nectar, and your latest blessing-the little bunny rabbit in the shrubbery.

You have been so good to us. Thanks for all these blessings.
Love, Your child

This was my prayer. I'm sure you have one too! Tell Him!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Mary said...

I love the way you started your prayer. . . "I'm not asking for anything" just coming with a heart of thankfulness and praise!
It must be a joy to our Heavenly Father just to come to give thanks and praise for what He has already given to us!

JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
Just want you to know I'm thinking of and praying for you. Have a Blessed Day!

Plant Lady said...

Mary and Lynn,
Thanks for visiting with me! Hope you both are doing well.

Lynn, thanks for your prayers.

Plant Lady