Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ministering Spirits

While reading in Matthew Chapter 4, about the temptation of Jesus, something leaped off the page - v.11 "Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to him." (NKJV)

Jesus? Having angels minister to Him? Why? He was God! Then it occurred to me. He was also human (like me)! After spending 40 days in confrontation with Satan, he was tired, hungry, and totally spent. The same happened to me. My temptation was worry. Jesus never yielded. I did. The battle was on! Satan was winning.

Worry about everything. Consuming me. Taking my focus from God. I tried to pray but could not. My mind was already filled. More was being piled on, seemingly, every minute. I could not think . . . could not eat . . . could not sleep . . . continually worrying about everything. Silly things, terrible things, what if's, why's, etc. Unbearable.

After another sleepless night, early in the morning, just before sunrise, I mustered enough strength to mutter a feeble prayer, "Please God, send me some ministering spirits." Immediately, the "noise" of my mind was replaced. Birds! Chirping, singing so joyfully outside my bedroom window. Their song: Praise to Our Creator! God had answered my prayer. He had sent ministering spirits in the form of birds outside my window!

This began my journey to deliverance . . .

(to be continued in tomorrow's blog)

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


fivedesigns said...

Plant Lady

It's Donna. Well I feel like we are all being attacked lately by the enemy! Well we have to end it now..we have to pray up a storm! I wanted to post something God gave me on my Blog but I wanted everyone to read it, so I posted it on Rachel's. I too am in financial trouble, the situation may not be changing I just know I am changing. When the enemy sees that Gods child is changing he will get tired of chasing us and give up. Please go to Rachels post and read what I wrote, it's close to the last one. That is for you, Sweatpea, Dana and everyone, including myself. We have to fight and believe!!

You blog is great! So many beautiful pictures..I'm going to try and put more on mine. You did see my dress didn't you? Read what I wrote on Rachel's and write on my blog I feel so much energy right now for everyone!!
Love Donna

Plant Lady said...


Thanks for your insight. You really seem to have the ability to counsel those who are going through a rough time. I'm glad you are helping Sweetpea, Dana and others. You are an encouragement to me during this time in my life.

You may notice on some of your previous post on your site, two of my comments were deleted. I transferred them to the correct posts. For some reason, I was having trouble navigating through your site. I think I have it figured out. I was overlooking your blog archives. I could not figure out why you were not posting everyday(my mistake!)

Keep me and my situation in your prayers.

Plant Lady

JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
First... Big Hug!
Now remember John 10:10- The theif comes to kill, steal, and destroy, I have come so they may have life and have it to the full. For you and Donna, this a distraction that the Devil is using to take your focus off of Jesus.

My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Phil. 4: 19"

This too shall pass. Pray tonight before you go to bed for sweet peacefull sleep. Talk to you tomorrow.
Loves and Hugs
Lynn in OR

fivedesigns said...

Hey its Donna again...
I guess you need encouragement for something that I deal with daily..Yes I to deal with worry..worry to the point that my kids tell me to stop crying. I am so great in giving encouragement because I know what to do because the Lord has shown me so many things and done so many things. Well the worst thing in my life is worry also. We all face it..the problem is when we dwell on you have and also becomes an idol. An idol is a form of so many things, drink, drugs, porn, etc. But the things that take over us the most are the items we least expect to be idols. Worry is the biggest! My mom would always talk about faith with me and there she would go "what are you going to do, you don't have the rent?" etc. I would then say in my heart, "yea shes got faith". I am confessing that I worry also because if I preached to you about it without confessing it then I too would be sinning.

The Lord has used me lately for encouragement as well as my testimony. I truly have asked for this ministry and I truly believe I have it, Praise God! I have to trust without worry just like you do. I do not have a dime, seriously, a dime until Friday. My daughter has to go on a trip and we don't have anything to give her. I feel horrible in my spirit and my kids are angry. "You never have anything.." Now I could cry (which I did) but that doesn't help, or I can ask the Lord to deliver me from this. You and I know it's the enemy and you know why it's the enemy? He has seen me , you, Sweetpea, and many others reaching out to each other. We are breaking through, we are learning through the scriptures and if it hadn't been for Rachel none of us would be hearing from each other.

Satan wants us to stay in worry and fear. The children of Israel were in fear and worry Exodus 3.
But in Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God" great is that..when you are still your personal walk becomes greater. He wants a personal walk without fear and without worry. He knows our circumstances, as well as He knows your pain when you worry. Give God praise in all circumstances, surrender your emotions to God. We always say,"But, but.."Satan wants us to live in emotions. It may look to you and I that God has abandoned us but HE IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL!! Allow the word of God to be your guide. The word of God is a lamp unto my feet. Keep your focus on HIM. We have to have an absolute daily surrender to HIM. And lastly, we have to have a passion to obey God in everything 2 Thess 1

I don't think I can say anything else except keep believing, obeying and trusting. This was good for you as it is for me.
Praise God!!

Plant Lady said...

Lynn and Donna,

Thanks for the encouragement. It truly helped.

Lynn, thanks for the Big Hug! I will meditate on the scriptures.

Donna, thank you! The paragraph near the end of your post is especially helpful to me. It's good to see and understand just what the enemy is trying to do. It makes it easier to fight if you understand his tactics.

Thanks again, both of you, Lynn and Donna. I treasure your friendship!

Plant Lady