Saturday, March 29, 2008

Laundry Day

Hello Everyone!

Well, today is Laundry Day! Let's celebrate! Yea, right!

A mountain of dirty clothes and towels lay stacked on the floor of my laundry room. It is amazing just how much laundry two people can create in one week. I have not done laundry this week and I must admit, letting it pile up can be very daunting. As I am contemplating my task, I can see a lesson coming!

Why haven't I taken the time to do the washing daily? Didn't I realize it would be such a challenge when it piled up? Now, I will have to stress in order to accomplish my task, and today is Saturday, the perfect day to spend time with my husband just relaxing.

Our lives are like my HUGE pile of laundry. We let the cares of the week pile up on us and then by the weekend, when we should be relaxing, preparing for the Lord's Day, we are stressed in our monumental task to get everything done. Let's just take our "laundry" to Jesus everyday so he can do it for us! Then, we will have the weekends free to concentrate on spending time with Him and our families, just relaxing!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Josie said...

Hello Plant Lady,

I too allow my laundry to pile for a week, catch-up on Saturdays. Even though I am home with my husband everyday, (3hrs. free with a home health aide), it seems there are a mountain of other things to accomplish everyday. Housecleaning seems to come natural on Saturdays.

This morning I sat with my coffee and listened to one of my favorite CD's, "Opening Windows" by Max Lucado, it refreshes my soul.

I wanted you to know I pray for you and I visit your blog daily, I just don't always have time to post. Be comforted in the Lord today...Be strong and couragous in HIS mighty power.

God Bless, Josie

Plant Lady said...


Thanks for visiting today! I also want to thank you for all your prayers. You are an encouragement to me. Sometimes when I post, I'm not sure anyone is listening unless I see a comment. I'm glad you told me you come everyday. Thanks! It helps me as I go through my day.

You mentioned you had a home health aide. Are you or your husband homebound? My mother suffered a stroke in 1993. My dad and I were her caregivers and she also had a home health aide come each morning to help with her bath and a home health nurse came about twice a week at first, then about once a month. They were a great help to us. Mama was homebound about six years. In the beginning she was able to get out some, but then she fell and broke her leg. She had therapy but never quite recovered fully. She went on to be with the Lord in 1999. She dedicated her life to the service of others as a registered nurse.

I admire those who care for others.

Have a great weekend! I'll be posting tomorrow if you can visit.

Plant Lady

Josie said...

Hi Plant Lady,
My husband had a massive stroke April of 1997, they had to remove the right frontal lobe of his brain due to swelling and to save his life. He is totally paralyzed on the left and is wheelchair bound, (homebound mostly), in November of 2008 they amputated his left leg, it didn't heal after a break in September 2008, he fell in the bathroom when I was transfering him to the commode. He only has one kidney, they removed the left one Nov.'04 due to atrophy and being full of infectious stones, we deal with multiple infections, he has multiple allergies so he needs IV antibiotics alot. He is diabetic this doesn't help him at all. We have home health aides 3hrs. everyday and his homecare nurse comes once a week unless we need her more often. We thank God for everyday we have together.

I lost my mother in January of 1997 to colon cancer, she lived 4mths. after being diagnosed. I miss her dearly. I know where she is though and WHO she is with.

My husband was 56 at the time of his stroke and I was 43, it's been 11yrs. but it seems as though we've never lived any other way. We have 3 grown children all married and 15 beautiful grandchildren...God is soooooooooo good.

God Bless, Josie

Plant Lady said...


My mother also suffered infections(urinary tract)as well as with diabetes, which complicates all conditions. I understand what you are dealing with,as I have dealt with those issues with my mother.

It was not easy, but God was faithful to me during this time and He will be faithful to you!

Looking back over my life, all things considered, it was the most joyful time I spent with her. She was dependent on me and I got to know more about her during this time than I felt I would have otherwise. My priorities changed for the better. I treasure all our memories together.

Josie,I will be praying that God will strengthen and comfort you both.

Anytime you need to talk, please feel free to post. I'll be checking it frequently.

Peace and comfort to you!
Plant Lady

Van said...

I came over from Mrs Proverbs 31 because I love plants - my garden is my haven. Appreciated the spiritual analogy to laundry.

Plant Lady said...


Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed your time here. My blog contains thoughts and lessons learned while out in my garden, although, I "learn" something from about any occurrence. God is great that way!

Hope you visit again soon!
Plant Lady

Dana said...

Plant Lady,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thank you for your prayers. Love your blog. Loved your laundry analogy. Your garden looks awesome!! I don't get to post very often, have alot going on in my life right now. I read all the posts on Rachel's Bible Study and think I'm going to take time and let everyone know I'm praying for them, but stuff always happens and I get sidetracked. I am praying for everyone as I read and hopefully I will get around to letting them know that. You just don't know how wonderful it was to open up Rachel's blog and see my name so many times. So many dear, sweet Sisters-In-Christ were lifting up my son and I in their prayers. I cried as I read each one and offered up a prayer for the author. The Bible Study is such a blessing.
Well, as you can see it's late. I am extremely tired and am probably babbling.

Have a great Lord's day tomorrow. Tomorrow at church I'm sure I will envision you, singing and praising the Lord. There is such power in praise!!

God Bless you and yours,

JnL4God said...

Good morning Plant Lady, hope the laundry went well. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
God Bless,