Monday, March 24, 2008

The Lesson of the Ducks

Hello Everyone!

I hope each of you had a very wonderful Easter.

On one of our visits to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, my husband and I stayed on Okracoke Island. It is a quaint little village with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We enjoyed renting bicycles and exploring the shops, and other places of interest including the Okracoke lighthouse and the British Cemetery.

The cemetery was established during World War II by islanders who found the remains of crew members washed ashore from British vessels who were patrolling the coastline to protect our merchant vessels from German U-boats. These men were identified and buried in a small cemetery that was maintained by the villagers. Later the cemetery was deeded and is now considered "British soil" in North Carolina. The United States Coast Guard Station at Okracoke maintains the cemetery today. A memorial service is held each year in May, with both US and British armed forces attending. We just "happened" there at the right time and were able to attend one of these services. Our trip had many other attractions, but the most interesting for me was the "ducks."

One day, as I was exploring, I noticed a duck resting under a weeping willow tree located by the water, on what I thought, might be a nest. About a foot away, I saw a drake, her mate, sitting by her side. I passed on by. There was a great gift shop down the road and I just had to get there! Does anyone know that feeling? Well, at the shop, as I was paying for my purchases, I noticed a newspaper clipping from the local paper posted up near the register. I began reading. It was about a local person who was a "nationally known" wildlife rehabilitator. "That's great," I thought, as I carried my purchases out to the bicycle "basket" that was becoming full.

Later that evening, as my husband and I walked to a nearby restaurant, I again noticed those ducks, who were in the same spot as earlier that day. "Let's get a picture," I told my husband, who was happy to oblige (photography is his hobby)! As he got closer, the female duck got up. She had not been sitting on a nest as I had previously thought. I noticed she had a band on her leg. You know, the kind wildlife officials use to track their migration, etc. She was limping terribly! The band had irritated her leg and must have been causing so much pain she didn't want to move! She had been in that same spot all day! Each time I had passed, I noticed her mate, the drake, always at her side, even when the other ducks were doing other things. That was the lesson! God's faithfulness! Just as the drake stayed by his mate, even in the bad times (her injury and pain), he continued to be by her side. What a picture of God and His faithfulness to us! He stays right by our side in our injury and pain! He will never leave nor forsake us! He is ever faithful to give us comfort! What a great lesson from the ducks!

Seeing the plight of the duck, I remembered the newspaper clipping I had read earlier. I contacted the person at the gift shop who then gave me the contact information for the wildlife rehabilitator. I called. The person who answered assured me it would be investigated. The next day, I checked on the progress. An attempt had been made to catch the duck to check the band but was not successful. Another attempt would be made tomorrow. What I find interesting, the drake put up a "big fuss" when all these people came to catch the female. He was "protecting" her!

God loves and protects us. He will never leave nor forsake. He is faithful!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


JnL4God said...

You have a nice insight that I like. I commented on your radish story I like this one too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blogg that was nice and thanks for the encouragement. Have a blessed day.

fivedesigns said...

God is Faithful!! Amen!

Hi Plantlady its FiveDesigns, Donna,
I hope you've gone on to my blog and seen all my photo's for you to see!

I love your site. I remember when I had a garden in NJ and I miss it so much. I am so glad that we have all gotten together through Rachel's blog and since then we've all gotten a blog here and there. Isn't that great! God is so good. He leads us in the right direction and holds us until we've done what he's wanted. I have reached so many woman through my heartaches and it helps when I can relate to all of them. I can't tell you how happy I am that God is using me and also you...keep posting as I will too. You are a great encouragement to me and I'm sure you will be to others.
God Bless

P.s. look at my photo's you'll love them...:)

Josie said...

Hello, I love your stories and the lessons you share with each one, what a blessing you are.
I remember gardening when my 3 children were still at home ,what fun we had especially when my Grandmother would come and stay a week with us to help harvest everything, clean, cut, can and freeze our crop, all the delicious meals we enjoyed. We still enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables but we shop from Farmers Markets now, it's wonderful people taking the time to grow and share their crops...and...stories...
God Bless,

Plant Lady said...

Lynn, Donna, and Josie,

Thanks for your visit. I'm glad that Rachel's Bible study has brought us together to share and encourage one another.

Lynn,I'm glad I could encourage you. God really has a way of bringing people together to share one another's lives!

Donna, I did see that dress. It looks beautiful on you! God has truly given you a talent for style!
Keep using that talent for God's glory.

Josie, I so enjoy preserving and canning foods. My mother taught me as I was growing up. An all day affair, but worth every minute!
Pulling, shucking, cutting off corn to freeze, canning tomatoes and tomato juice(my personal favorite)and jelly-making. How delicious!
I treasure the times I spent with my mama and daddy doing these kind of things. My mama passed away in 1999, so I miss sharing them with her.

Thanks for coming over! Be blessed!

Come again soon.
Plant Lady

Sheena said...

Hi plant lady...

This is sheena... i like this story very much...its so beautiful to know the faithfulness of God and with an anology like tat,i feel God closer to me. Thank u for ur insights.
I love writing and journalling and usually i do ut the conventional way.. writing it in a spiritual journal that i have.
But when i see u and everyone with blogs, i feel encourage to start one too.I don really know how n where to start but hmmm i will get some help somehow.
I am so encouraged to see women around the world who loves God and are souled out for him

Thank u for sharing ur stories and life with me
Gbu plant lady

Plant Lady said...

Thanks for visiting! I enjoy visiting with my new friends. I hope you will come back and visit me often. If and when you do a blog, please let me know so I can visit.

Plant Lady