Friday, October 3, 2008

A Love A-Fair

Hello Everyone!

Today is the day that I have to enter all the hand painted, handcrafted, homemade this and thats in our County Fair. The date has creeped up on me and I am not able to enter as much as I usually do. I guess I've been "on the road" too much this year!

Gourds, gourds, and more gourds are the majority of entries this year. Most useful, small variety, large variety, best decorative, gourd collection, and a few others are just some of the categories that I have placed gourds for judging. I am especially proud of a gourd vessel woven with seagrass that I made within the last week. Whew! My fingers are sore from the experience! I'll let you know how it does as well as my other entries.

Green tomato relish was a new experience this year! A friend gave me the recipe for the most delicious relish I have ever tasted. Wouldn't you know that I lost it! I had to guess at the measurements of ingredients and I believe, it is better than that she gave me! (I'm not really bragging, am I?) Well, anyway, I entered it and some tomato juice (made from my own heirloom tomatoes). Several other items were entered as well and I will post a complete list and let you know if they won any ribbons. Last year, I had the second largest amount of blue ribbons in the whole fair and won an extra $25! I was so excited!

You can have a love a-fair with county fairs and I would like to encourage you to enter something in your county fair if you have one. Those of you with children should have several projects with them during the year and enter their "creations". It is so much fun and I'm sure they will all enjoy it!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow...our county fair was months July.

You seem to have a huge love a-fair with your projects.

Hope you do well.

Congrats on winning so much last year.

How ironic you lost the recipe and your guessing turned out better. Maybe you should gently share your new recipe with the person you gave it to you originally. :-)

debrah said...

Hi Plant Lady:
You have so much fun!!! I would love to have that recipe. I look forward to reading about your adventures. You are very blessed by God with gifts,creativity and talents. I am so blessed that the Lord led me to such a creative and gifted blogging group... but then again Our God is a Creative God...
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Becky said...

Look at you go girl! I love your gourds... the bowls are beautiful. I know you will get lots of ribbons this year. You must. Its such a good feeling... like an affirmation of your talent. God bless! :-)

From the Heart said...

Praying for you gifts you have used to be rewarded. You truly have a gift for making things beautiful and creativity. God bless you and have a wonderful "Love A-Fair".

JnL4God said...

You are so talented. I really like the pictures of the ones I've seen, they are beautiful. And then you enter your relish and tomato juice as well. That is awesome. I was very active in the county fair when I was younger and in the smaller town but now that I'm in Northern OR I don't so much. I must say it is fun (and hard work).
Hope you do great.

Mar said...

I'm going to suggest to my grandchildren that idea of a project to be entered in the county fair next year. They love challenges and yours is a great one. Hope you bring home the gold!


Dancing Wallflower said...

Ms. Plant Lady,
I praise God for blessing you as he has----you are a special person!!
God bless you

JnL4God said...

Hi my Friend,
It tells me you have a new post but I can't get it to come up. I'll try again later.
I had missed your post called "Come with Me" great pictures. What a nice trip. Talk to you soon,

Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

We are really looking forward to seeing you and hubby next week! My 10 year old nephew, Graham, is intensely interested in birds. He is making a bird sanctuary in the back yard...putting out bird feeders etc. I was wondering if you could bring one of your special bird house gourds to show him. He would be thrilled.

Happy for all your successes at the fair. You are definately a pro!!!! I've always wanted to enter some things but can't seem to get organized enough!!! Maybe you can help me!

debrah said...

Just dropping by to say Hi!

Jan W. said...

love your blog . Would you please share your relish recipe? thanks
Jan W