Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Tuxedo

Hello Everyone!

Last night Mr. Plant Lady came in from a monthly church board meeting and announced that he has been asked to help with a "Ladies Appreciation" banquet that our ladies missionary group is sponsoring this weekend. He is going to be one of several men who will seat the ladies as they arrive and then be a waiter for the evening. He jokingly asked them if he needed to wear his tuxedo. "You have a tuxedo?," another of the men asked. "Why sure, don't you?," he replied. Another man spoke up, "I have a t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo!" Our pastor said, "I'm going to wear what I have on tonight - shorts and a t-shirt!"

This reminded me of the story of how Mr. Plant Lady came to be the proud owner of a tuxedo. Let me share it with you!

Several years ago, we were asked to host a table as "celebrity waiters" at a fundraiser in our area that would benefit summer children's programs. He agreed that we would and then told me about it. The theme that year was "Tropical Vacations" or something like that. This happened in the "dead" of winter - February - and it was very difficult to find decorations locally without going to a party shop about 45 minutes away.

We ventured down to the beach where the shop was located. The "decorations" were so expensive for this cheap-skate Plant Lady that I decided to make my own! I bought a large bundle of raffia and made a table skirt. We stopped by a store that "sells sea shells,"- try saying that five times fast - and picked up a few to add to those I already had. Next on the list was sand - no problem - plenty of that available for free! I thought about the "souvenirs" (I won't mention the coconut bra!) we had brought back from our honeymoon on Maui - another story inspiration for a later post! We had taken a lot of "tropical" photos - double prints, in fact! I could use some of them to decorate our table.

Mr. Plant Lady wanted to stop by Wal-mart, so I went in and looked around while he went his separate way in the store. When we finally "found each other," he had purchased a white formal wear shirt that included a "black bow tie," all for about $12! Great! But we were supposed to be waiters on a tropical isle, not waiters in a fashionable New York restaurant! We needed shorts, flip-flops and an Hawaiian-print shirt!

Time had gotten away from us, so that would have to do. We were the only table that night that had a "tropical waitress" in a grass skirt, and a waiter in a white shirt and black tie! Needless to say, since then, I have never again agreed to be a "celebrity" waiter at the annual fundraiser.

A friend and I were out "loafing" one Saturday and decided to peruse thrift stores in the area. After having visited a couple, we went into the Salvation Army Thrift Store. She found several items of interest, but I had not. As I was going through a small box of items IT leaped out at me! A cummerbund! Just the perfect accessory to add to Mr. Plant Lady's "one-piece-at-a-time" tuxedo. I snapped up the treasure before I had to fight off other bandits and took it to the register! Fifty cents! What a deal for such a find! I couldn't believe my good fortune!

I brought it home and hung it proudly in the closet with his Wal-mart shirt and bow tie! Now, I'm scouring the area for the tuxedo pants and jacket! In the meantime, he just wears his black suit with his "tuxedo accessories" when the invitation says "formal attire!" To quote a line in a movie I once saw, "The difference between a woman and an animal is the ability to accessorize!"

Accessorize away!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


From the Heart said...

That is a fantastic story. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and go to the right places. Sounds like you two have a great time together.

Mary said...

The first thing I noticed when I looked at your post was the word Tuxedo! Saturday I will be playing the keyboard for a couple that will be renewing their vows for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I knew this was going to be done by the pool in her daughter's back yard. I just assumed that it would be causal, being in the yard and it is HOT HOT here in TX.
I called her to day to confirm and she was so excited. She said that she had found a pretty dress and her husband had his TUXEDO! Well, that told me right away it WOULDN'T be causal. I don't take heat as well as when I was younger.
I'll let you know how it all turned out!

The story you told today shows another facet of your talents.
I can kinda picture the "waitress" and "waiter" in the outfits. That was funny!

Coconut bra??? What is that?


Plant Lady said...

I was going to explain the coconut bra in a comment on your blog, but I guess I'd better keep it here because your latest post was not quite the topic that goes with my frivolous "coconut bra" topic.

A coconut bra is basically the top of a bikini that is made from the shells of a coconut. Native Hawaiians wore these along with their grass skirts and still do as they perform at luaus. I have a picture of a young lady that is wearing one. She was a hula dancer at the luau that was held at the hotel.

I purchased one as a funny souvenir of our stay on Maui. I have NEVER worn it and it was not part of my waitress outfit the night of the fundraiser!

If I can find the photograph of the young lady, I'll post it on my blog.

I hope this answers your question and try not to "picture" me in one!
Not a pretty sight!

Plant Lady

Mary said...

Thanks for the explanation!

Well, the only picture that I have seen of you is the one that you posted, and it would be a little difficult to "picture" that one with a coconut bra! Soooo, I'll just wait for the photograph that you have.


JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
Great Story! Hunting down those fun little treasures can be so fun. I have done that at times and it make for real fun outings.

Have a great day.

Sharon said...

What a great story, Two months ago at our ladies ministry we had a Luau party, where we had the grass skirts, and lei's. We had so much fun, but I had to have the coconuts to make drinking glasses, with the umbrellas, I turned around and one of the ladies had two of those cups like a bra, there was alot of laughter after that. Love your post!!
Hugsss and Blessingsss your way