Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Coconut Bra - Explained!

Just a quick post of explanation about "The Tuxedo." Mary asked the question, "What is a coconut bra?"

In "The Tuxedo," I was telling of some souvenirs that we brought back from our honeymoon that I used as decorations for the table at a fundraiser for summer youth programs that Mr. Plant Lady and I were asked to help with as "celebrity waiters." I mentioned the coconut bra I had bought and that I "would not mention it!"

She, in her comments, asked the question, "What is a coconut bra?" I responded to her and then added that I would find a picture from our honeymoon and post it later on this blog.

Here it is! No, it is not a picture of me! I wish!

Plant Lady


Mary said...

Wellllllll, now I know!
I have read that a picture is worth a thousand words and I now have a clear picture of what a coconut bra looks like!

I am very relieved that it is NOT you Plant Lady! This picture is certainly not the image I have of you!


Plant Lady said...

I am WAY TOO MODEST to wear such a thing! Bikinis are even too reveling for me! I have a one piece swimsuit that I hardly wear.

It is difficult nowadays to find a modest bathing suit. I understand there are some places that specialize in "modest" swim apparel. A friend of mine told me of a manufacturer near me that has them - and has an outlet store near me. I think they make all kinds of "resort wear". I have never taken the time to go.

Plant Lady

From the Heart said...

I love the "coconut bra" but like you, that's not me. A one piece I don't even like on me and haven't worn on in several years.

If you get a chance come visit, I have put a new post on and a new picture of my girls and I on the sidebar. Would love to hear your reaction.

Mary said...

I think it is evident from your writing that you are a modest and conservative Christian. Never a doubt about that!

We just got our power back this morning after losing it for about 13 hrs due to rain and high winds. There are so many things that you can no longer do when there is no electic power. Blogging is one of them. There were broken limbs everywhere. In fact, the high winds caused dormitory walls at a construction site to collapse, killing one and sending six to the hospital.

Well, I beter try and get some work done. . don't want to but that's not the issue!

Have a nice day!