Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Yesterday at church, our pastor announced that during the evening service we would be having Communion.

Last week, we had Vacation Bible School and 13 children asked Jesus to come into their hearts.
The pastor met with each of the children and their parents and 11 of them really seemed to understand just what they were doing by this "profession."
One of the 11 asked the pastor, after he made the announcement about the Communion, if she could take "The Lord's Supper." Having talked with her, he told her that she could indeed take Communion with the rest of her "Christian Family."

Last night as we started the service, he told everyone this story and that this was to be her "First Communion." As he was talking about her, I noticed the smile - a BIG SMILE - on her precious little face! It was the smile that could only come from knowing that she was a "Child of God," and that she was about to have her "first experience" being a part of the "Bride of Christ".

This reminded me of the first Communion that Mr. Plant Lady and I took together at our wedding. Most couples go through the ceremony of lighting a unity candle, but we decided we wanted to take Communion together, as man and wife along with our Lord, showing that we would be establishing a "household of faith," with God as the Cornerstone.
Our pastor's wife played and sang the song, "Household of Faith," after we had received Communion. It was beautiful!

The words to this song describe the intentions that we have in our marriage. Intentions to always be a "Household of Faith!"

I have included some photos from our wedding album showing the Communion Service we had as a part of the wedding ceremony. You'll get a glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. Plant Lady and notice I still remain illusive! For now!

Please pray for those children that got saved during VBS and especially for the little girl who took her "first" Communion yesterday. May we all show the Love of God on our faces that the little girl does!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady

Household of Faith
Here we are at the start committing to each other
By His word and from our hearts
We will be a family in a house that will be a home
And with faith we'll build it strong
Chorus: We'll build a household of faith
That together we can make
And when the strong winds blow it won't fall down
As one in Him we'll grow and the whole world will know
We are a household of faith
Now to be a family we've got to love each other
At any cost unselfishly
And our home must be a place that fully abounds with grace
A reflection of His face

Words and Music by Brent Lamb and John Rososco Copyright 1983 Straightway Music (ASCAP). Admin by Gaither copyright management. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission.


christi28 said...

wow! that story of the little girl brought me to tears. Lord i pray that today i fill just as alive and new in You as that sweet child is. Amen.

beautiful wedding pictures. Still can't get a good glimpse of you, mrs. plantlady!!!

SKY4KAT said...
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SKY4KAT said...

Beautiful wedding pictures. Wonderful story.
My husband and I also took communion and then served communion to our family and close friends at our wedding. Christ--foundational to our marriage.
You remain as illusive as ever!. It seems strange to be communicating with someone for so long and not know what they look like. I have my ideals from little glimpses that you are a brunette and I believe that you mentioned somewhere that you are in your 40's but I'm not for sure on that. I have this mental image so I look forward to seeing the real you.
You know what its like reading a book and then going to the movie and seeing the characters that you have envisioned in your own mind when reading about them. Most of the time the characters are not portrayed as I thought they would look.
So I wait, and wait, for the plant lady to appear!
Still loving my gourd. Thanks

Mary said...

Dear Lady of Mystery. . . It's true that we cannot see your face but we can see that you had a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful wedding gown. Like Katrina, I have my mental picture of you. I, too thought you would be a brunette, and for some reason I have you pictured as rather short. .
So, I join the others in waiting for the bride to appear. . :)

I don't remember hearing the song
"Household of Faith" Such meaningful words.


Plant Lady said...

Mary and Katrina,
I am 42 years old, brunette and
5'8" tall. We won't talk about my weight! Needless to say I could stand to lose a few pounds!

Hope you have a great evening!

Plant Lady

Mary said...

Oh, my goodness! I have you pictured about 5'4" !!!


From the Heart said...

Just want to let you know that I typed a comment but it did not post.

I enjoyed your post about VB and your wedding. My husband and oldest daughter sang "Household of Faith" at my youngest daughter's wedding. It is truly a beautiful song.
Be blessed,

JnL4God said...

Plant Lady,
Illusive yet fun and beautifulin your heart. Nice wedding pictures, we took communion as well. So great to hear about the children, the earlier they become committed the better and easier their road will be. Nice to see Kat is back I'll go say Hi to her now. Talk to you later, Love, Lynn

SKY4KAT said...

5'8", now I didn't think that you were that tall. what else will be a surprise? Waiting to hear.

Tommie said...

I love VBS. It's so much fun, Last year I was the director and it was so rewarding watching all the kids learn about Jesus. My grandson got saved last year. It was a blessing. We did something different this year, were doing backyard bible studies. Going into the neighborhood that our church is in and setting up tables, inviting kids, telling stories about Jesus, doing crafts. It has been a blessing to be a part of this.
Looks like you had a beauitful wedding. I hope you have many wonderful years together. I'll be married 34 this November.
Thank you for your comments on my blog. God has given me a peace about my dad. I know He loved me the only way he knew.
Blessings to you.