Monday, May 5, 2008

An Unusual Mother's Day Request

Hello Everyone!

A bucket full of crickets! That's what a friend of mine told her husband she wanted for Mother's Day! Now, I don't think that has ever been on anyone's "Top Ten List" for Mother's Day gifts until now! Let me explain.

My friend has a special love for God's creatures, especially ducks. She has four ducks, two of them are Rouens, one is a White Pekin and one is a Mallard. They are her "babies!" She has even named them - the two females are named Little Bit and Peanut and the two males are Rouen Deux and Rouen Martin. She is known as the "Duck Duck Mama!" She will let them out of their pen and accompany them on scavenger hunts for the finest, juiciest bugs and such. I ask for weekly updates on their antics because, quite frankly, they cheer me so!

Her request would be a special treat for them because, after all, it will be their birthday and the crickets will be their "cake," of sorts! She has her party dress ready, and of course, party hat, which is a cap with a "duck's bill!" She is still looking for party hats for the ducks and I'm sure she will find some. If not, I'm sure she will make them, she is very crafty!

Her husband told her that he, "was not buying crickets for those ducks!" She replied, "No, you are buying them for me!" Well, I guess Duck Duck Mama has spoken! I'm sure Little Bit, Peanut, Rouen Deux and Rouen Martin will have the very best birthday party ever!

Let's all sing "Happy Birthday" to the ducks! I'll lead!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


From the Heart said...

That is so sweet. We had a poodle and a hamster but we never thought about a birthday party for them. I've only told one other person in my list of people whom I've shared my blog with, but I will have to tell you. My birthday was Friday, May 2. (I'm trying for forget them) Both my daughters sent me an edible arrangement which was very good. My youngest daughter invited us to diner Saturday night. She had a cake and a dozen of the most beautiful pink roses. They are so neat I posted them on my blog. Hope you will stop by and see them. I may even post what happened when I got the edible arrangement (or trying to get it).

From the Heart said...

How did your old fashion day go at church? We had a day like that quite a few years back. The founding pastor of our church has retired and we have a new pastor. He's been here about 4 years. Everything has changed, I guess that's progress but I miss the services we had with the original pastor and the songs. I don't particularly like the praise songs that are being sung now. I don't know if I told you or not but my husband and I had not been to the "big" church in about a year until last Sunday. Before my surgery the Senior Adult Pastor was having a 3pm service on Sunday which was good for me. He died a couple of months after he started that. He said the Lord had dealt with him for over a year before he submitted. After he died his son was hired to take his place. He used to come and sing at our Golden Couples dinner meeting (held once a month) but he never spoke a word. He just sang and when I heard he was coming I did not know what to expect, but he is a wonderful preacher and so empathetic to the needs of the senior adults. That service has been dropped and that plus my surgery is why we had not been back to church in over a year. Our church is large (2 services on Sunday morning) plus other ministeries that are going on. There have been so many changes but last week I realized it was time to go back so we did. The services may be different but God has not changed. I just pray that God will put the service for Senior Adults back. Well here I go talking too much, but I feel a connection with you and just knew you would understand my feelings and thoughts. Please say a prayer for us. Our 50th Church Anniversary is coming up in June. The founding Pastor will be speaking at one of the services and they've asked my husband and the guys who use to sing with him in a quartet to sing. The present pastor I don't think likes "Southern Gospel". He's from the state of Washington.
Thanks for lending your ear.
God bless you and yours,

Ashley Marie said...

That's so adorable. I'm known as the cat lady amoung my friends, my baby is my kitten. I love living things, the creatures that God gave us! So sweet and adorable. What an encouraging story!!

Ashley Marie