Friday, November 28, 2008

The "New" House

Hello Everyone!

Well, it's about time I returned to my blogging! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and were sufficiently stuffed with all that turkey, stuffing, ham, candied yams, green beans . . . should I go on? Mr. Plant Lady and I celebrated THANKSGIVING with his mom, brother and sister-in-law and nephew on Thursday. My daddy joined us as we had lunch, then went home to watch those ball games that are a tradition on Thanksgiving. We had a great day of fun, good food and fellowship with grateful thanks for every blessing.

Sunday, my family will celebrate all the blessings God has given us at my daddy's with a similar menu. Here we go again! How can one resist?

As promised, I will tell you about my NEW (not really) house. The painting is done, the shutters are back on, the rocking chairs and bench are repaired and repainted and the Christmas decorations are beginning to spring up. The brick house was originally trimmed in white with dark green shutters. Selecting a new color palette was an easy task. I had in mind a small change in shades. The white was replaced with a shade called "Woodrow Wilson White", which is a fancy name for off-white. Doesn't that sound better than just plain, old off-white? The dark green shutters were replaced with a paler green called "Pine Boughs". Sounds foresty, doesn't it? We are very happy with the results! What do you think?

Notice the peeling paint. Imagine what it looked like all over the house! It was about time for a facelift! My next post will include the "after" photos with the house all decked out for Christmas.
Mr. Plant Lady has just a few more finishing touches on the outside decorations.
Included in this post is a glimpse of our Christmas 2008 Christmas tree! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady


Becky said...

Super! Glad everything is wrapping up and Christmas is pouring out :-D

From the Heart said...

Glad to hear from you again. I've missed you. I'm sure your house looks great. I look forward to the after pictures.
Welcome back,

JnL4God said...

HI Great to see a post again. I haven't done any Christmas stuff yet but will soon. Looking forward to more pictures.

Mar said...

Welcome back to Inner Blogolia. You were missed! The facelift on your house is neat and we all look forward to seeing the "after" pics. Obviously no grass grows under your feet.

Im thankful for my new friend.

JnL4God said...

Hey you come check my blog out.

debrah said...

Welcome back to blog land! Looking forward to see the after pics. sounds like you and your family had a great thanksgiving.
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

From the Heart said...

OK, my friend, where are you. We miss you and you haven't seen my Christmas blog. Hope your ok and have your house all done and decorated.
Let us hear from you,